Wise’s Questions

First of all Wise, I feel like I need to point out that #1 isn’t a question. Moving on…

1. Vegas…spill it!

Yeah, so my Vegas trip was enjoyable but not at all scandalous. Wanna redo so you can show me the ropes? LOL

2. What’s been most useful to your career, your beauty or your brains? (not at all compromising either one)

Hmm… honestly I’d have to say my brains. More people give me a chance because I’m pretty but my brain has been what’s helped me make wise decisions about what I should and shouldn’t do. That plus the fact that being attractive has certainly led people to typecasting me and underestimating my intelligence. But the brain is what sets me apart from the millions of other pretty girls trying to do what I do, and relying on it will be what helps me succeed.

3. You ever get your azz kicked? If no, what’s the biggest brawl you ever been in?

Wise, come on, seriously. Do I seem like the type of chick to get her ass kicked? lol No ma’am I have not ever gotten my ass kicked. The only person I’ve ever known that I knew off top could kick my ass is a very good friend of mine now, lol.
Biggest fight I’ve ever been in was many years ago outside a club in Atl. My “cousins” knew this dude from high school, ran into him and his girl and her girls in the club. Introductions were made and then I turned to the bar and tried to see how far I could get with the sexy chocolate bartender making super potent drinks. Somehow as the night progresses, she starts shooting me dirty looks from across the club and her and her girls start doing that bitch shit bitches do when they’re “the type, loud as a motor bike, but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.” Once the club closes, the guy leaves with his boys, I walk out into the parking lot with my cousins and my girls and all of a sudden I feel something kinda tap me like on the back of my knees. I turn around and realize THIS BITCH HAS HIT ME WITH HER GODDAMN CAR. That was her FIRST mistake. Her second and most critical mistake was having long hair (weave) and leaving her window down. I proceeded to calmly walk around to the driver’s side and pull her outta the car through the window by her hair and beat her ass in the parking lot. I guess it wasn’t really a brawl cuz her girl’s didn’t jump in so my cousins didn’t have to and it was mostly me trying to beat her to the edge of oblivion. But that was the last fight I was in. I think. That was a couple years ago. I’ve never started a fight because I’m not that type of person, but I will end that shit. I will end THE FUCK outta that shit. And I’ve only fought for good reasons, like when fake trill bitches roll their car into me.
Ooh that shit got me heated all over again, lol.

4. Name 5 cities you never been to but want to and why?
Damn, just 5? I’ve always wanted to be a kinda nomad, just travelling around, picking up and going when I feel the need. So this is hard.
– DYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING to go to Venice. I was obessesed with Italian culture when I was younger and I remember going through long periods where I had tons of pictures of Venice plastered all over my walls like it was a boy band.
– Second is Pompeii. I’ve always wanted to walk the ruins. I remember learning about the city for the first time in 5th grade and being fascinated by the idea that an entire city could be laid to ruin so quickly, and more importantly, that the lava perfectly perserved everything.
– Toronto. I hear it’s gorgeous and clean. Gotta go in the summer though. Not fucking with the Canadian winters.
– Pacific Harbour or Suva. Both are islands in Fiji. I can’t pick just one. Pacific Harbour is a tourist center with deep sea diving, snorkeling, sky diving, jet skiing, 5 star resorts, etc. Suva is the capital and, much like Madrid, has been populated with resturants, shopping, etc but the architecture is still colonial. I wanna go to Fiji soooooo bad.
– Krakow in southern Poland. It is actually home to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Although it’s been liberated for 60 years, it still stands as a museum today. The Holocaust was one of those things in history class that fascinated me and I spent hours reading about it. (If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a huge history nerd.) Auschwitz was the largest and most deadly camp in Poland, a large compound with 34 sub-camps. There were only I believe 3 more much larger camps in Germany that killed more Jews during the Holocaust out of the estimated 15,000 that existed. I’ve always wanted to go and walk the grounds.

*Honorable Mention- Rio de Janeiro. Mostly to act a fool. But I’m not pretty enough to go there longer than a couple days for vacation, lol.

5. How do you say ‘nigga’ in Spanish?

It depends. Spanish, moreso than most other languages because it’s usage is so widespread, has subsets of the language and slang specific to particular regions. There isn’t in particular a word in Spanish that translates exactly into nigga though some Spanish speakers (mostly those of the European derivative) refer to black people as les negros which literally means “the blacks.” The only slang term I know of which somewhat translates into nigga from Spanish is ‘nocca’ which is actually used to address darker skinned Latinos (Cubans, Panamanians, Dominicans, etc.) You’ll find in Latino culture, the word nigga is almost nonexistent, especially considering that many Latino cultures (especially those in Central and South America) are closely related to many aspects of African American culture.

Yeah nigga, I know stuff, lol.

Who else wants a term to interview or be interviewed?

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