Jarrod’s Questions

Seriously Jarrod, you’re the bullshit. This was just uncalled for. *storms off into cyberspace*

1. Can you teach me Spanish? I need to know what’s being said about me in more than one language.

I don’t know Spanish fluently enough to teach it. I’m more of the hear it, understand it, and answer in English variety. But one of my goals this year is to learn. Wannd do it with me?

Well, not with me, as you are there and I am here in Godforsaken Redneck Land. But you know.

2. Why Howard?

I visited HU when I was like 10 and I instantly felt at home. That was really all I needed. Ever since then, my goal was to get there. When I got there, it was no less disappointing. I still have the same sensation everytime I pull up on campus. A sense of peace comes over me, and I feel at home. That feeling was the reason I wanted to be there. I just got lucky that it just so happens to be one of the best schools on Earth… and the ONLY real HU there is.

3. What kind of a mother do you think you’ll be? What will you do different or the same that your mother did?

A friend of mine made a joke once that I’m gonna raise all sorts of new age-y hippie kids. And the more I thought about it, the more that seemed right. I’m all about home remedies and not taking medicine and free thinking, freedom of self expression. My kids will be a varied bunch, I’m sure. I think alot of time parents forget that they’re raising little people; people who have to care for themselves, think for themselves, who will have to make up their own minds about who they are and what they want and make their own way in life. I think I’d be a fairly easy going mom. I think I’d be there for guidance on their path, the occassional beating when necessary, lol. I’d be the cool mom that my kids could talk to about sex and that all the other kids wished was their mom.
What would I do different… well, I think alot of my life had to do with the things my mother didn’t have or didn’t get to do. And alot of it was spent dealing with the issues she introduced into it. So I think mostly, I’d like to make sure that my life is a seperate entity from their growth and the path that their lives take.

4. Do you think O.J. did it?

HELL YEAH O.J. DID THAT SHIT. And I have never been happier to see a guilty person get off, lol. It’s about time we got one past the legal system. I personally am a believer in the conspiracy theory that many of the minority men in prison are injustly there. So OJ makes me feel slightly, SLIGHTLY better about that. lol

5. Do you find it hard to throw yourself back in the dating world after going through some bullshit yet again?

Not really. Well, somewhat. The dating isn’t hard. It’s the trusting people that’s even harder. I’ve never been particularly trusting of people anyway, but this whole situation has made it much worse. I guess more than anything, I am realizing that I can be dispensible to people, so they have become dispensible to me. I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked by the whole situation though. His way of dealing with people and situations he doesn’t know how to handle is to cut them off and pretend they never existed. I never thought that would apply to me, but obviously I was wrong. So I just take that knowledge into every situation I am presented with; that no matter how “different” they claim to be, they’re probably not.

Oooh that sounded bitter. Lol

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