Sister’s Questions

1. I know you can only take moms in lil doses. I only know stories but what is the real reason? I think that is something I have just come to understand about ya’lls relationship but never really got it.

Um… well, I’m not gonna put the reason(s) out there on the internet, lol. But I’ll tell you during our road trip! 🙂

2. What else have you never told me?

Um… I dunno… lol. I tell you alot of stuff. Did I tell you I blew you off one night to almost sleep with Westley but chicken out of it? lol

3. How are you really doing in TX?

Texas sucks. You know how I am about my friends and family, and I don’t have either. I feel very isolated and alone. The friends I’ve made out here are cool, but they don’t really KNOW me. Nor do they really have an interest in getting to know me. Not because they’re horrible people, but because that’s how they are. They’re cool to go out and drink with but I don’t feel like they know me as a whole person. So I hate it out here. It’s miserable. I try to make the best of it because I know it’s only temporary, but it sucks. Alot.

4. Have you decided when you are moving BACK to ATL?

I’d like to move next month, ideally. But you know life never seems to work out that way for me, lol.

5. Do you want anything from Seattle?

I want some Dick’s!!!! lol


I’m not being mean to him per se, he’s just really sweating me SO HARD. Like, I told him I wasn’t looking for anything serious and he’s all, I could change your mind about that. Did I ask you to change my mind? NO NIGGA. Gimme 50! Shit. I hate when dudes try to convince you that what you want ain’t really what you want. And I’m really not about just dating one dude right now. I’m all about that starting 5. LOL

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