Men are the New Women

Seriously. You know how they say 30 is the new 20? (Or maybe it’s 40 this week-whatever old broads are saying to make themselves feel better.) I’ve got another one.

Men are the new women.

No bullshit.

Take, for example, this convo between myself and K.B.:

La: Feel me on this shit, that relationship shit just ain’t really what I’m on right now.
K.B.: you won’t know that until you try it. And I think I’m the person you should try with. I could change your mind.
La: you know what… you think like a bitch.

He got mad! I don’t understand why… 🙂

All laughter aside… ok no wait….


Ok. NOW all laughter aside.

What is up with dudes right now? The Mexican pulled his bitch move, Jam’s no longer significant other did what I can only assume was another punk ass dude move, K.B.’s on that “I can change you into loving me” shit that most chicks get on. Wtf? I don’t get it. When did men get to be such… well, pussies?

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