You Know You’re at a Ghetto Wedding When…

… more than half the wedding party consists of infants and toddlers that belong to other members of the wedding party… all of which are younger than 25

… the bridesmaids are wearing gold… lame.

… the combined total carat weight in the grills of the wedding party is more than the bride’s ring… both male and female.

… the “chapel” is in a strip mall.

… the bride has to tell her family that the wedding starts at 4pm when it really starts at 5pm.
And they were still late.

… the flyest chick at the wedding is wearing a homemade gold dress… with matching gold gloves… with the fingertips cut out… and a straw hat spray painted gold to match

… members of the audience feel it necessary to sing along with the prerecorded music… loudly and offkey

… the bridesmaids have singlehandedly put every beauty supply store in a 10 mile radius out of supply of gel, premium yaki weave, and Pump it Up to create the elaborate updos that make them all about a foot and a half taller.

… people take pictures of the bride’s entrance with their camera phones.

… while waiting in the chapel the groom’s family brings “refreshments” to others… “refreshments” of the red cup variety.

… the minister is late.
By 45 min.

… the bride’s family engages in a 30 minute debate about whether or not one of the members of the groom’s family is a man or woman… or both.

… all the groomsmen are wearing “Chanel” shades… indoors… at a wedding.

… when the minister finally gets there, he looks as though he has yet to hit puberty.

… fingers waves and french rolls are present.

… the idea of appropriate attire to many guests in attendence include stripped polos and brand new Air Force Ones.

… the minister only has a passing acquaintance with the English language. And stumbles through a prayer complete with an uncomfortable 45 second silence.

… some of the bridesmaids walk around the reception in house shoes. Others, walk around completely barefoot.

Funny as hell right? You know what’s not funny…?

This was my cousin’s wedding this weekend in Atlanta.

*sigh* Yes V, maybe La is a lil hood, but all the Catholic schooling in the world didn’t stand a chance up against this kinda shit. Lol

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