Lunacy on Parade

This whole not talking on the phone thing has really opened me up to some silliness over AIM. You'd think we'd have more sense being college educated and all, but, notsomuch. This, ladies and gentleman, is why I'm always online...Reka: Well I'm over thisReka: And I took sleepin pillsReka: So I'ma close my eyesLa: LolLa: … Continue reading Lunacy on Parade


Shamelessly stolen from X. Much like her disclaimer stated, if you're not interested in the detaiils of my sex life, skip this post. But if you are (and you wanna play too)...Copy this entire list to your blog. BOLD everything that is true about you. Leave plain anything that is not true about you. Put … Continue reading Yoink!


I've always felt that resentment and mistrust were fairly related. More often than not, one is not present at the abscence of another.More than resentment, I've always dealt with mistrust. I could, if I wasn't feeling lazy, chronicle the issues stemming from my childhood that have caused me to be so distrustful of people, but … Continue reading Resentment

Is Beyonce in Town?

Thus begins the first in an ongoing new series, "Things La Doesn't Understand..."Leaving work last night around 11pm, I was kinda shocked to see lots of people crowded outside my local Barnes and Nobel. As I got a little closer, I saw ropes in front of the doors. Then I realized, people had lawn chairs … Continue reading Is Beyonce in Town?

Practice Makes…

My phone vibrates and lights up as soon as I get off work.Come downtown to Mercury Room. Your name is on the list.I'm kinda tired. I just got off work.That wasn't a request.I'd say no.But truthfully, the shit kinda turned me on, lol.Simultaneously, my friend Katy Girl texted me. She's the one who introduced K.B. … Continue reading Practice Makes…

Good Hair

I am on a ROLL today. I've updated like 67 times in 20 minutes. Woo!Anywho...It seems like I may be jumping on the bandwagon a bit, but I've been having this thought. It's just a tiny thought, right back there in the back of my mind right underneath my ponytail, but it's there. And I'm … Continue reading Good Hair

New National Holiday

It always happens whenever I talk to someone from home, in person, on facebook, myspace, whatever. The same (two) questions always come up without fail. The first usually comes in the form of someone grabbing my left hand and excited asking how long First Love and I have been married if they haven't heard about … Continue reading New National Holiday

The Party’s Over

The party's overThe candles flicker and dim...So my phone rings and it's my girl on the other line crying hysterically. Seems she and her man (that she shoulda never been with in the first place) have broken up. I sent and listen to her cry and vent. I realize my role in this game is … Continue reading The Party’s Over

I Got That Comeback

Y'all La done fucked around and failed.*sigh*I um...So I slept with K.B.And dammit if that boy hasn't called me NO LESS than 7,839 times since. With every message, he sounds like his feelings are more and more hurt and/or desperate.I feel guilty that I don't feel guilty.Except only not.I feel like I clearly aritculated my … Continue reading I Got That Comeback