I am having a shitty, shitty, SHITTY week. But, instead of being a brat and complaining, I’ve decided to make a list of things that haven’t been shitty… despite my SHITTY week that’s NOT even over.


1. Coming home every night to Honey greeting me at the door and jumping up and down in excitement to see me.

2. Getting paid tomorrow.

3. Spending too much at the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale, therefore guaranteeing I didn’t have to do post vacation laundry.

4. IMing Wise for awhile and her simultaneously cracking me up and making me feel better.

Now is THIS where we sing? I’m trying to get it right…

5. Joy letting me bitch via text without calling me bitchy.

6. My friend Boogie Down Bronx who never fails to make me a lil tingly when he calls because of the way he says, “Ay mama.” Granted, it might be partially because his voice is only 1 note above no longer being discernable to human ears and the NY accent. But I’ll take it.

7. Calling Shani a punk every chance I get.


8. Realizing I have more shoes than any one ordinary woman should ever own.

9. The cute boy who I gave my number to yesterday. Yummy. More on that later.

10. Reading your blogs.


*Honorable Mention*
Texting my 2 year crush and him saying things that make me look like I tried to swallow a slice of watermelon. Like this:
More on that later.

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