I Got That Comeback

Y’all La done fucked around and failed.


I um…

So I slept with K.B.

And dammit if that boy hasn’t called me NO LESS than 7,839 times since. With every message, he sounds like his feelings are more and more hurt and/or desperate.

I feel guilty that I don’t feel guilty.
Except only not.

I feel like I clearly aritculated my non-expectations in the beginninng. And he’s a grown ass man dawg.

Seriously, there wasn’t even any bed breaking involved. Straight C game performance.

So I ask again…
When did guys get to be such GIRLS?!?!

Bless your hearts. You all get hugs.

And maybe you could just turn on ESPN every once in awhile. Just have it on in the background. It might help.

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