Lunacy on Parade

This whole not talking on the phone thing has really opened me up to some silliness over AIM. You’d think we’d have more sense being college educated and all, but, notsomuch. This, ladies and gentleman, is why I’m always online…

Reka: Well I’m over this
Reka: And I took sleepin pills
Reka: So I’ma close my eyes
La: Lol
La: Druggie!
La: Lindsay Lohan!
Reka: Hahahahaha
Reka: I wanna be Paris
Reka: She got more money
La: Lol
La: K. Night Paris 🙂
La: I’ll be LiLo. Lol
Reka: Hahahahahaha
Reka: Wait if I’m Paris
Reka: U gotta Nicole
Reka: Hahahahaha
Reka: Britney?
La: Good nite
La: Lol
Reka: And scene

Which I put in an away message. Which led to…

Scottie: see, that’s easy, you be Kim Kardashian. she got money AND a sex tape
Scottie: and she not white
Scottie: lol
La: Lmao!
La: I didn’t think of that!
La: And I can keep my ass! Yay! Everybody wins!! Lol
Scottie: LOL
Scottie: see
La: I’ll let Reka know
La: We shoulda come to u about his first
Scottie: LOL
Scottie: as i am a wealth of knowledge and advice
Scottie: i can understand why you two would try to work this out amongst yourselves first
La: We’re sorry for not coming to you. We know better, lol
Scottie: haha
La: Wait do I wanna have a sex tape though? I mean I know that’s THE way to get famous nowadays…
La: But I’m unsure…
La: Wise One?
Scottie: of course you wanna have a sex tape
Scottie: more fans and more press
Scottie: Reka seems to not care since Paris has 2
Scottie: lol
La: That Reka is a fast one! Lol
Scottie: hahaha
La: at least I’m doin Playboy
Scottie: yea, but with your clothes on
Scottie: what kinda bs is that!
La: I’m CLASSY niggas! Lol
Scottie: LOL
Scottie: i want to see dat ass! bare as the day you was born
La: Lol
La: That’s what the tape is for! Can’t oversaturate my ass
La: (Literally)
Scottie: hahahaha
Scottie: let me tell you something
Scottie: i don’t know if you know this
Scottie: but you can NEVER get enough of seeing naked asses
La: Lmao
La: But u don’t wanna see the same naked ass right?
Scottie: if men didn’t want to see the same naked ass, there wouldn’t be such a thing as marraige
Scottie: lol
La: There IS no such thing asmarriage
La: Except for in your case of course, lol

*it should be noted here he recently got engaged

Scottie: LOL
Scottie: men will be beating it to your naked ass as much as they can get
La: Lmao!!!
La: that was…
La: well, alrighty then
La: Ass, ass everywhere!!!
Scottie: YES!!!
La: Lol
Scottie: haha
Scottie: you are a fool
La: Lil bit
La: But don’t tell nobody. It’ll ruin my mistique, lol
Scottie: LOL
La: *mystique?
Scottie: you’re an xmen villian?
La: I dunno how to spell that shit
La: I COULD be. All naked and body painted and whatnot. Me and my boobs could pull it off
Scottie: *drools*
La: Lmao!
Scottie: that’s my answer
Scottie: lol
La: Such a boy
La: Lol
Scottie: LOL
Scottie: well, i just want credit when that’s your halloween costume… assuming you don’t go as kim
La: It’ll have to be next yr. This yr I’m goin as a cop. I got the shorts and handcuffs and everything
Scottie: oooooh
Scottie: you know how many men are going to tell you they’ve been bad boys and need punishment?
La: I’ve got my baton 😉
Scottie: that should be when you said “sure” and call 911 on them for real
La: Hahahahahahahahahahaha
Scottie: “this nigga’s crazy!”
Scottie: “come and bring him in, he confessed to everything”
La: U know I’ll do it too
Scottie: LOL
Scottie: hahaha
Scottie: it’ll be like “to catch a preditor”
Scottie: except with a sexy fake cop instead of a cracker
Scottie: LMBAO
La: Omg! That shit is hilarious
Scottie: yo, me & deva even watch the “best of’s” that be coming on msnbc saturday nights
La: Its better than going to a movie
La: I haven’t seen it!
Scottie: hahaha
La: Man, the X got me hooked on that shit. It is NEVER NOT funny
Scottie: hahahahaha
La: They need to release that on dvd. I’d have To Catch a Predator parties and shit
Scottie: LMAO
Scottie: you got me cryin over here
Scottie: yo, that’d be so hot
La: Seriously, that show makes me so warm and fuzzy on the inside
Scottie: and make a drinking game
Scottie: everytime the preditor says “this was my first time” take a shot
La: Lmao!!!
La: We’d all be drunk in the 1st segment
Scottie: LOL
Scottie: exactly
La: We need a special drink for it
La: We’ll call it The Predator Roofie
Scottie: pffff LOL!!!
Scottie: you could have some Jesus Juice there too
Scottie: that’s a hit with the kids, according to Mike
La: Lmao!
La: Ok now I’m cryin
Scottie: hahaha
La: I’m still laughing Hahahaha
Scottie: you musta had some o’ that jesus juice yourself
La: Lol
La: I WISH! U know I’m all about drinking on the job
Scottie: LMAO!!!!
Scottie: and why shouldn’t you be?
Scottie: i mean as long as you get work done
Scottie: what does it matter what’s in your cup right?
La: It IS the way god intended, lol
Scottie: if it wasn’t then why did the Blood of Christ taste like wine?
La: And why did he change water into wine? Why not just let them niggas drink water?
Scottie: right!
Scottie: he wanted to get the party started
La: Of course! Jesus has to know how to party right?
Scottie: what else do you call the last supper?
La: Scottie this right here is the shit I’m talkin about
La: I shoulda known if anyone was gonna feel me, you would, lol
Scottie: “if anybody feel ya nigga i FEELS ya”
Scottie: it’s a mcflurry, it’s nothin
La: Lmao! Hahahaha and now my makeup is running down my face

Ladies and gentlemen… this is the future, lol.

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