Black is the New Blond

I dunno what’s up in the world of dating as it’s been a minute since I’ve visited, but are black girls in style now? Cuz all of a sudden, white boys are ON IT.

It’s funny. When I straighten my hair and it’s hanging down my back, black dudes are all over me. But as soon as I wash it and let it curl up, the white boys are all over the kid.

And I’m not talking about the kinda white boys who you know would be dating a black woman if he wasn’t afraid of the judgement. I mean straight up Abercrombie and Fitch, flip flops and sweatshirts in the winter time, frat boy, Zack Morris white boys.

Someone else blogged about this recently (I can’t remember who, otherwise I’d link) so I know I’m not making this up. Since I’ve been feeling quite lazy recently, I’ve been just wearing my hair curly. Aside from the usual Hispanic guys who approach me speaking Spanish and leave me confused, I notice more White guys looking. And I mean Looking. And it’s not that “Damn she could get it” look that brothers are so good at giving (God bless them), it’s like that “Wow. She’s so gorgeous” look. I always end up looking over my shoulder wondering WHO is he staring at like that.

Oh! Me!!! Lol

Are black girls the new blonds? Or the new Latinas? Or the new whatever the “in” type of chick to date is right now?

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