Long Islands in Long Island

Today I had a thought…

I said to myself, “Self, what would be the most efficient way to cause a car accident without harming myself or anyone else but rendering me unable to go to work…”

And it disturbed me. No one should hate their job so much.

Truth is, I work far too much, for far too little pay for this to not be something I love. But after all that craziness was settled in my head, it really brought up a bigger issue: I’m feeling the need to travel.

I wanna go somewhere, get away for awhile. Walk some streets I don’t know where no one knows me, eat at some restaurants that I’ve never been to, get drunk in some bars I don’t know, sleep in a super comfy hotel bed.

For the last couple months, I’ve been overcome with this desire to MOVE. Sometimes I wish I was brave enough to be nomadic, to just pack up and go from city to city, just me and the dog. I want to travel right now, be away with my thoughts, learning some new cities. I have a couple trips lined up, but they aren’t the type of vacations I have in mind. I wanna get away, come back with a fresh perspective.

Wise suggested Chicago, I think (or did I steal that?) and I liked that idea. But I kinda want to be near some water. I thought San Francisco. And considered Connecticut and Vermont. I’m just daydreaming outside myself right now.

*staring dreamily off into space, head propped up on hands*

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