That’s when it all started. With a text message.

One of my assistant managers, the newest one that I’ve had for less than a week that was supposed to be saving me from a lifetime of 60 hour work weeks, sent me a text message.

Saying that he was quitting.

This goddamn fool quit his job over FUCKING TEXT MESSAGE.

That’s what started it all. Not that I wasn’t looking for an excuse.

I work too much. I pulled my time cards. 10 weeks straight I’ve worked more, MUCH more than 40 hours.
Did I mention I’ve only been with the company since the middle of April?

And these aren’t work weeks at just 41 or 42 hours. I’m talking at most, one week I logged 57.77 hours.

Fucking ridiculous.

After my initial shock, I called my boss, told her we were gonna need some help at my location because me and my 1st assistant manager (whom I adore) can’t keep working the way that we have, 12 hour days, 7 days a week. Her response?

Pretty much that it was my job as the boss to deal with it, to be the one working the overtime.


I literally bit my tongue to keep that phrase from marching through the phone. Bit it hard enough to make it bleed. I ran my fingers through my hair, my gorgeous hair that is falling out from malnutrition and stress. I rubbed my eyes, one of which has a knot big enough on it to slightly obstruct my vision that I don’t have time to go get checked. I ran my fingers over my skin, my beautiful, clear skin that I am so vain about which is now a lovely grayish color, marred with pimples and too many different shades to name. I looked in the mirror at myself. No makeup, under eye circles so dark I look like I’ve been punched. Red eyes. I can see where my face is getting pudgy from putting on weight. My eyes look sunken. My skin a strange color. I look sick.

And I am.

So I wrote a letter.
The best resignation/fuck you letter ever.

After I clicked send, I felt instantly lighter.

So this is the first step. The next one is unclear, but I’m moving.

Today I quit my job. With absolutely no backup plan.


Sometimes you gotta jump out the window for crazy.

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