Here It Is

August 13,2007

Dear (Insert my Boss’ Name Here):

This serves to tender my official notice of resignation as Manager of (insert company here.) As you know, over my time with the company between transitioning back and forth between (1st location that sucked) & (2nd location that sucked harder) and lacking sufficient staff due to the instability of the district, we have had many instances of inequitable work assignments resulting in excessive overtime by my staff and myself. Despite reassurances to the contrary, my team and our store have continuously suffered because of the instability in higher volume stores. This repeated issue has affected my ability to not only manage my team effectively but also has caused a severe neglect of my family life, an improper imbalance I would not expect from a company that touts itself as being “People First”. To this extent, it has left me and many of my direct reports feeling uncertain about the future of this store, as we can’t build a strong structure on shaky ground no matter how great builders we may be. It is clear to me that this instability will not be resolved at any point in the near future as promised and I can no longer sacrifice my time, health or well being to serve the needs of a company that is not doing the same. Therefore, I feel that resigning is the best option for me.

My last day at (insert company) will be Saturday, August 18,2007.



Yeah. You read right. I gave them a week’s notice. And, so?

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