"Loving you is my Biggest Weakness"

Someone said this to me a year ago.

And it broke my heart.

He later went on to clean it up nicely and spin it into a real deep convo about the dynamics between male and female relationships, but that inital way I heard it, that 1st way I took it, the original way I felt it never quite left.

“Loving you is my biggest weakness.”

It is interesting to me now, in ways that didn’t occur to me then, as I’ve grown alot of ways from the person who had that conversation last year. I can hear now, unlike then, the undertones of what wasn’t being said. For a year, I’ve discected it, this one little sentence, I’ve analyzed it, broken it down a million different ways, established a million different meanings, taken it apart and rebuilt it, dug under it, and cracked it open. But really only one thing matters.

It hurt me.

It took me a year to figure that out.

I hate the way things were left.

But even moreso I hate feeling I am the thing that’s making someone weak.

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