I should seriously stop stealing. But this one comes curtosy of the homie Organized Noise.

Accent – Well, when I let it out, it soooo thick countryghetto. I had to learn at a very early age to control it in order to pursue a career singing and acting, but when I get within an 100 mile radius of home, my voice is not even my own.

I Don’t Drink – Hennessee. I can’t handle it. I mean I handle my liquor better than some men twice my size. But Hennessee is pretty much an invitation for me to fall over and die.

Chore I Hate – Washing dishes. I hate hate HATE it. A close second is cleaning out the bathtub. Everything else I will clean top to bottom. But those 2, I need a dishwasher and a maid.

Pets – Just Honey right now. But I wanna get a Golden Retriever, and a maltipoo. In my life I’ve had more pets than a few. I love animals.

Essential Electronics – My sidekick is essential to all my major life functions.

Perfume/Cologne – In the fall/winter, Burberry Touch, in the spring/summer Escada Sunset Heat or Lacoste Touch of Pink

Gold or silver – Silver. I never wear gold. If I ever get married, my ring needs to be white gold or platinum cuz I refuse to wear gold

Insomnia – Faaaaaar too often. The last couple nights I have been up til AT LEAST 5am. It comes and goes in bouts. I am very excited about it going.

Job Title – good ol being unemployed…

Most Admired Trait – By others or by me? I like my lips and my hair. Other people seem to really like my rack and my ass.

Kids – I’d like to have a small litter. I don’t have specific names picked out but I am very attatched to the idea of girls with what could be boys names: Charlie, Evan, etc. I really like Ryan Ashleigh which is something that me and the ex decided on, but since it’s partially my name and he sucks, I’m keeping it.

Religion – I’m a believer. Let’s keep it at that.

Siblings – I am my parents only child, but I have a half brother and step sister

Time I wake up – I usually can’t sleep past like 9 or 9:30 anymore, even while hungover. It’s quite sad really.

Unusual talent/skill – heh heh. I’m talented. Can we leave it at that?

Vegetable I refuse to eat – caulliflower and cabbage

Worst habit – cursing. ALL the fucking time.

X-rays – I have only had a couple which is remarkable seeing as how I am very clumsy, but I’ve been lucky enough to not cause myself any serious injury… which is why I’m pretty sure I’m invincible.

My favorite meal – Depends on where I am. Hands down though, my daddy’s fried chicken and my mama’s macaroni and cheese, some green beans, some hot water cornbread. I’m a true southern girl at heart.
And now I’m hungry…

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