1. What’s the worst/corniest pick up line someone has used on you and/or you used?

After I first got to Texas I was in the mall walking around when this dude totally fell flat on his face in front of me. I laughed, of course, but I leaned down to help him up. I asked him if he was ok to which he replied…
“I’m fine, you just seem like someone I could really fall for.”


I still crack up whenever I think about it. Niggas are the worst, lol.

2.Have you ever gone out on a date with someone and went home with someone else? Explain.

No. But I’ll work on that.

3. What is the worst thing that you did to a friend? Did they do anything to deserve it?

I don’t think I’ve ever really done anything shitty to a friend. That’s why I still have them, lol. I did date an exes ex best friend, but he was dating a friend of mine at the time so it seemed like less of an issue, lol

4. What is your favorite sex scene in a regular movie (not porn)? Why?

The scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith where they’re fighting each other and then they just start going at it. I have seen that movie a million times and I still can’t get thru that scene without squirming a little.
Oh the scene from Unfaithful where they’re in the stairwell… jesus christ.

5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? What would you change on your SO?

I second guess myself way too much. And I’m not sure why because I have pretty good judgement and for the most part make pretty sound decisions. But I am extremely hard on myself about everything at every turn.

And I don’t have a SO.

What countries, other than you own, have you had sex in? Was it someone on the trip with you? Someone from that country?

NONE!!! Who wants to help me remedy this?

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