Guilty Pleasure

I adore Jennifer Lopez. I can’t help it. I think this woman is utterly completely and totally FABULOUS. Sure, she can barely hold a note in a bucket with a lid on it, and I know that as a trained singer, I am supposed to loathe everything she represents. But she is FAB.U.LOUS!!!

Look at this shit!!!

Even her errors are correct. I’d rather watch her perform than most chicks in music and movies now. Why? Because she does everything so PASSIONATELY. With everything, she goes so HARD. She comes across as being fearless without being abrasive, a classic example of my favorite type of woman; the kind not afraid to put her balls on the table and go all out. Also, you gotta love that despite all the fame and glamor, she is still such a Puerto Rican from the Bronx. Don’t believe me? YouTube the interviews she’s doing for her new single, “Do It Well”. (Which is my shit by the way.) Every other word is, “youknowwhaimean?” in rushed PR fashion. I. Loves. It!

And yeah, I’m probably gonna buy her album in October. And so?

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