Snatch and Grab

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1. Define “infidelity” as it relates to a relationship. Have you ever been guilty of infidelity? Have you ever been the victim of infidelity? Have you ever been a participant in someone else’s infidelity?

For all intense purposes I have always defined cheating as strictly a tangible act; going on a date with someone, kissing someone, sleeping with someone else. The more emotional cheating gets a lil fuzzier. Let’s define it as anything that you know would make me flip out and go to jail for whatever I did following, try to avoid it.

2. What is the last thing you stole?

Someone’s heart? hahaha I stole a cookie from my friend. But she REALLY wanted me to have it, she just didn’t know that yet.

3. Name one place in your country that you have never been but would like to visit and why.

Just one? Well, today I’m dying to be in San Francisco for some reason. Yesterday it was Chicago. Last week it was San Antonio. (LOVE the Alamo.) Last month it was Alaska and earlier this year it was Vermont. It changes everyday.

4. What movies can you watch over and over again?

All the Lethal Weapon series, The Departed, Finding Nemo, While you Were Sleeping, Happy Feet, Sleepless in Seattle, Bad Boys II, Transformers

5. Who is the last person you saw naked?

First Love back in Atl

Bonus (as in optional): In honor of the 237 reasons we have sex study. Tell us at least five but not more than ten reason you have had sex.

1. Because I was looking for distraction

2. Because I was UNBELIEVABLY drunk

3. Because it was the best way to end the argument

4. Because it was time

5. Because if I didn’t, I’m PRETTY sure I would have exploded

6. Because I hadn’t seen him in months

7. Because we got caught up reminiscing

8. Because I was absolutely, butt crazy in love with him (10 pts if you know what movie that’s from) and I had run out of words to explain it.

9. Because he was leaving.


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