Organized Noise has given me a whole bunch of tags to do. Here’s the first…

I am not: patient. Mostly because I am used to getting my way with very little effort
I hate: narrow minded people
I hear: that I’m the prototype
I regret: only one thing…
I cry: very rarely and always in private
I care: about my friends
I always: pay my bills on time
I long to: travel by myself, preferably outta the country
I feel alone: often, but Honey is always here
I listen: very well. Wanna talk?
I hide: from my emotions
I drive: very very fast
I sing: better than most people breathe
I dance: pretty damn well in both the technical trained sense, and in the club
I write: as a form of therapy
I breathe: air…? I dunno if I understand the question
I play: in my own hair because I don’t have nobody else to play in it 😦 Wanna?
I miss: Joy
I search: for random news stories on the internet
I say: whatever comes to mind, usually the thing most likely to get me in trouble
I feel: waaaaaay too much for my own good
I succeed(ed): at graduating
I fail(ed): at keeping my emotions in check with Almost Fiance
I dream: in black and white
I sleep: curled up in ball holding my pillow
I wonder: what the next 5 years will hold for me
I want: him more than I ever care to admit to myself or anyone else.
I worry: about my future
I have: everything I will ever need to succeed
I give: waaaaaay too much when I probably shouldn’t
I fight: only when provoked
I am: the prototype
I can’t: let em see me sweat
I stay: flyy
I will: die peacefully and surrounded by my friends and family
I can: watch sports allllllll day
I would: do anything for the people I love
I might: try to disappear off the face of the earth for like a year
I like: bubble baths, shoes, and people playing in my hair
I love: him more than I ever care to admit to myself of anybody else
I smile: waaaay too big and goofy sometimes but it’s genuine
I frown: when I’m thinking too hard
I read: everything with words
I work: NOT AT ALL!!! It’s LOVELY!!! lol

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