Drunk Texting

"Ay remember that time we went at it in (undisclosed location even I am too much of a prude to admit to you)? I was just thinking about that."This is the kinda thing I woke up to in the middle of the night when I got up to go to the potty. Was everyone drunk … Continue reading Drunk Texting

Good Sleep

There's a couple ways you know you've slept EXTRA well. They include...1. Waking up and your pillowcase is twisted around.2. Realizing that at some point during the middle of the night, you've discarded some clothing and you have no recollection of doing so.3. You wake up completely under the covers... and at the foot of … Continue reading Good Sleep


Mari and I are sprawled out on the floor in her living room, for some reason choosing to leave the couch vacant in favor of sinking into the plush white carpet. We're pouring over pictures and yearbooks, and other keepsakes Mari keeps stored in the back of her closet. I take in all the places … Continue reading Paris

First Day

Seriously, I was having problems. Black button down? Navy blue belted shirt dress? Black pants? White pants? Gray pants? Pumps? Flats? Sandals? Hair straight? Curly? Up? Down? So many very important questions.And then I thought to myself, "Self, I'm the SHIT. Why am I trippin'?"And that was that.I settled on white REALLY wide leg pants, … Continue reading First Day

I promise I'm getting around to blogging about my 1st day at work...Catch up on the archives in the meantime. 300 posts! Get to reading! lol

A-Town Bound

Gone home to Atlanta for the weekend.Be back bright and early... in the afternoon... sometime... next week... um... yeah. Try not to miss me too much, yes?Oh, and also, if anyone wakes up extra early or stays up extra late, hit me up! I'm still on the road!!! Play with me! I'm lonely and trying … Continue reading A-Town Bound