Smoke Somethin’ Bitch

That has absolutely nothing to do with anything, other than the fact the shit cracks me up. Cool points for anyone who can tell me what song starts like that!

I see X-Factor has taken over Jam’s blog bully duties, leaving all that hatefulness in the peanut gallery. Hush, bitch.

Anyway, I’m back. I can’t decide if I’m gonna blog about the trip or not because A. It was uneventful B. It was SO eventful and C. I never seem to finish a trip recap anyway. So we’ll see.

Wise has “forced” me to busy myself so that Loser Week Blues doesn’t knock me on my ass, so part of that is finishing a couple blogs I’ve been Sidekick writing. I have so much to tell y’all! Truth is, I’ve been keeping some shit to myself, cause, I dunno, I’ve just been on my double life shit lately. So I’ve got some stuff to reveal, but then again maybe I won’t. Sometimes I like to know that if I need to, I can sneak off and live a life no one knows about. Hee hee.

The great news is, I gotta job! Woo! All you need to know is I work in sports and my “office” is actually a big open room where one wall is completely TV screens that show nothing but sports 24/7.

Pardon me… just had a tiny little orgasm.

So maybe in the upcoming weeks after orientation, I’ll blog about that. And maybe I’ll blog about this stuff I been keeping to myself. And maybe I’ll finish this stuff on the sidekick and post that. I dunno.

This is my 300th post and I had originally planned to write something really big for it but this shit snuck up on me!!! Wasn’t I JUST at like 200 when I called myself quitting the blogging business? What in the FUCK have I been writing about?

And why are y’all still reading? Lol

Anyway, love you guys for it. Jam please don’t blog bully me. I’m around. 🙂

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