God Bless the Child

I am my mother's child.But I got my demeanor from my daddy.None of that was more clear than today.Whenever I talk to my daddy, it always makes my day. Every time. Without fail. Our conversations are few and far between as a. we both hate talking on the phone with a burning passion and b. … Continue reading God Bless the Child


I am completely lost in the hands in my hair. Enamoured with their every twist and tug, each strand sliding through outstretched fingers like water. Fingertips gently massage my scalp, pull my hair back to send kisses to the nerves in my neck, then return to their gentle kneading. My own hands feel so empty, … Continue reading Perfect

Where We Stand

First, catch up on the jump off...weeks ago...He puts his hand on my back to guide me through the mash of tables and patrons in the crowded room until we get to our table. He's close to my back, speaking intimately into my ear as I slightly turn my head to respond. His big hands … Continue reading Where We Stand

Girl Talk

Our long weeks have found us convened in Mari's living room, random limbs strewn among open Chinese food containters and bottles of wine. Mari, Ella, Butter and I fill each other in on our lives bullet point style, hitting the highlights between small sips of wine. We talk over each other, almost every sentence punctuated … Continue reading Girl Talk

So in Summary

"That's courage, integrity... courage again, and not litigious. So there you go."The unconditional key to my heart to anyone who knows what that's from!!!The weekend in summary...1. I ended up only cutting an inch or two off my hair, and getting some layers. It's all swingy!!! And shiiiiiiiiny. It always shocks me how DARK it … Continue reading So in Summary


I am in a truly horrifically bad mood. Like just... ugh. Today is just so thoroughly bad I need to get a drink, go to sleep, and try for the remix tomorrow.Maybe I'm just being moody...?I know I'm not feeling too well, sore throat, body aches, all that greatness. That could be part of it. … Continue reading *sigh*