Fake Ass Holiday and Other Things That Are Making me Smile

I am tired y’all.

But pretty happy about it. 🙂

So in the spirit of all things positive, here’s a lil look at what’s been going on via a list of all the things that are making me smile uncontrollably as of late…

1. Laughing at the things people do in their cars during rush hour traffic. This is the only thing that makes my commute bearable. To date I have seen countless personal concerts, a couple domestic disputes, a few random sex acts, and one guy apparently getting the holy ghost via blue tooth. HA!

2. Talking to X Factor. I CANNOT TAKE HER. LOL Everyday that I get an email from her or talk to her on the phone is instantly funnier. INSTANTLY. So far, she has made me look at aluminum foil differently, allowed me to discuss my issues with being a mommy, made me resolve to never try and get Thai food in Jerz and convinced me that my life is not the only one where all this random just extra SHIT happens. She’s so much. She’s so EXTRA. I ADORE her. (Despite her misfortune at picking her alma mater :-P)

3. My black nails. For some reason I decided against my usual french manicure on the hands/pale pink or red on the toes combo. Instead, my nails and toes are painted black. It was a bit of a shock for me as I am A. not used to seeing polish on my nails and B. you know, they’re black. But they’re SO CUTE. And it’s different. And people keep looking at me like, “Oh, black polish on La was so unexpected.” Maybe I will keep it.

4. Having natural curly hair. Because truthfully, I’m lazy yall. And having the kinda hair that you can wet, run some mousse thru and then walk outta the house is like God’s way of rewarding my occassional hair apathy. Days like this are the days I know that I couldn’t truly go back to having a perm. (Ask me again tomorrow.)

5. White Chocolate Mochas from Starbucks. God bless every barista in this world that can make it right.

6. Shoes. I had some shoes I’d never worn and found some other shoes I promptly fell in love with. I went back and exchanged them so now I am the owner of a pair of semi round toe, red patent leather heels. They’re my version of “There’s no place like home”… except with a lil slut thrown in for good measure. Expect them to make their debut during HU homecoming in a week and a half.

7. HOWARD HOMECOMING!!!!!!!!!! I am deliriously excited. DE.LER.I.OUS.LY!!! I get to see my wife! I get to see my sister, and my Will and all my fav people on earth! I GET TO WEAR OBSCENELY FABULOUS OUTFITS FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN BECAUSE I’M FABULOUS. And hopefully someone will take ALOT of pics, because I am pretty much guaranteed to not remember ANY of it.

8. Phone calls to “tuck me in” at night… that last for 5 hours. *sigh* *BIG smile*

9. Closure. You know how when you look back and you go, “Damn. That’s over.” And you’re really ok with it? I LOVE that moment. And I love that I’ve reached that moment about a couple situations.

10. My job. I love it. I genuinely like being there. Despite the fact that I am tired when I get there because I’ve been keeping some late nights (TOTALLY worth it), I truly enjoy the people I work with. And once I come out of my shell a little bit more, they are gonna love me even more. I’m happy for the stability. I’m just happy for the happy. Looking back on it, I realize now that all the things I asked for in my next job, I have gotten. I see the Woman upstairs showin’ out!!!

So now that I’ve started, there are about 3 million more things I wanna write. But on to the real point of this post. The thing that has given me the biggest smile today…

“Fuck this fake ass holiday.”

That is the first sentence I uttered this morning, lol.

Real talk, why do we celebrate Columbus day? I mean, I know, it’s great if you get the time off, and all that good stuff, but wtf is the point? He DIDN’T DISCOVER SHIT. Not only was it already here, it was already INHABITED. WTF?!?!?! All you did was come through and fuck over the Indians. And you want me to celebrate?!?! BOOOOOOOOOO!!! I REFUSE! I WILL NOT!!! My future kids WILL NOT!!! Even if I hadn’t had to work today, I woulda came to work anyway in protest. Just, BOO!.

Now Shani, let’s get ready to kick off the weekend with our traditional shot of Jack.

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