I am in a truly horrifically bad mood. Like just… ugh. Today is just so thoroughly bad I need to get a drink, go to sleep, and try for the remix tomorrow.

Maybe I’m just being moody…?

I know I’m not feeling too well, sore throat, body aches, all that greatness. That could be part of it. I’ve been sitting at my desk for about 2 hours. For some strange reason, all the paperwork on my desk is starting to look like big fluffy pillows. Maybe if I kept a secret stash of Goose in my bottom drawer and just laid down on them for a seconds I could get this party started.

This guy keeps coming over to my desk to find files. This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that A. He smells like smoke and B. I am utterly disgusted by the prescence of all human beings in my orbit right this very second.

So I’m being quite. God I feel like shit. K (one of the chicks I work with) is trying in vain to make me smile. I would, except it hurts my head.

Is it wrong that my 1st thought was that I need to get my shit together before tomorrow because not only do I need to work overtime, but I have alot of hair, waxing, facial, mani/pedi to get done in preparation for homecoming next week.

Yeah. I’m that sincere with it.

I’m small enough to squeeze under my desk and hide from the humans until 6, right?

P.S. You know what I fuck I HATE? If you call me and I don’t pick up the phone and you leave a message… why do you then send me a text? And then a text to my other phone? And then call me again? Wtf is your problem?!? CLEARLY I’m screening. Everyone knows I screen. CLEARLY I don’t wanna talk to you at this moment. You’re just making it worse on

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