So in Summary

“That’s courage, integrity… courage again, and not litigious. So there you go.”

The unconditional key to my heart to anyone who knows what that’s from!!!

The weekend in summary…

1. I ended up only cutting an inch or two off my hair, and getting some layers. It’s all swingy!!! And shiiiiiiiiny. It always shocks me how DARK it is when I get my color touched up…
…and by ‘dark’ of course I mean how pale I am…
…and by ‘how pale I am’ of course I mean how absolutely Rican I look with all this dark ass hair

2. I MUST get rid of one of my phones. Having one electronic leash is bad enough; but two? Fuggidaboudit. I cannot take this shit. So I’m thinking next month when I indulge myself in my new gold Blackberry Curve (my current electronic obsession) I will also look into getting rid of the dead weight.

3. Just because you are grown, that doesn’t mean that butterflies are not still real and very much so a deterrent to anything you hope to accomplish that does not end in a giggle. Oh, and Halmark really does have a card for everything, whether they intended it or not.

4. waxing is the anti-Christ.

5. no sentence should ever be closed with, “that’s how I did it when I was a man.”

6. the universe sent me my dog to notso gently remind me that I am NOT prepared (nor might I ever be) to have children.

7. falling down the stairs in front of a bar full of beautiful people is not a good look. The only recourse is to hide behind a plant until someone pulls the car around.

8. everything IS bigger in Texas. Praise dance!

9. I should not be craving a shot of Jack Daniels right now. But instead of delving into what said desire might mean for the neccessity of my attendance at certain annonymous meetings, I choose to believe this speaks to a greater desire to spend time with my wife.

10. gay women are just as persistant as straight men. Go figure.

11. I am in desperate need of travelling outside of the country within the next year

12. 5-1. I don’t wanna talk about it.

13. no one should allow me to get anymore tattoos.

14. I am also in desperate need of a really good massage

15. some people are sincerely allergic to real talk

16. yes I know I don’t NEED thigh high leather boots, but really, I NEEEEEED them to liiiiiiiiiiive

17. when travelling for a weekend, you should NOT be bringing a bag so big that you can LITERALLY sit in. But alas, I am.

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