So Jam asked over at Joy’s spot and, for lack of any other inspiration, I guess I will reply.

Ahh, Barbie. First coined “Gangsta Bitch Barbie” by yours truly (which may or may not be the way it happened but I’m gonna claim it cuz I’m gangsta like that and know it will go unopposed.)

It is widely documented that I distrust everything that breathes, and Barbie was no exception. In high school she was always a little flaky to me, a little shady around the edges in ways that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but I knew I didn’t wanna get close to. There were lots of things that turned me off to her as a human being in high school that came even before the event that broke up Joy and Barbie’s friendship. When the whole drama went down, I was more than thoroughly disgusted with her, if for no other reason than I hate those chicks who blindly take their man’s side just because he’s their man without any kinda heeding of the facts. That shit drives me INSANE.

Barbie and He Who’s Name I Do Not Speak did their thing. And my resentment of the situation was mostly born of the fact that I had to sit and watch my best friend suffer and I wasn’t allowed to kick her ass or send someone after his. Fine. Who has bail money in high school anyway?

But that was years ago. And I barely even recognize the person I was in high school anymore. I can only hope that Barbie and her husband have experienced the same evolution. Being married and parents this long certainly implies a certain growth, but doesn’t neccessarily guarantee it.

Which is cool. Cuz I DO have bail money now.

One thought on “Barbie

  1. Because we’re moving Jam said…hmph. just like i thought. don’t go to jail over trife folk, tho. save it for your bachelorette party. that way you have folk who’ll ride or die w/you!! lol.November 27, 2007 1:38 PM and the joy said… Trust me, if anything goes down we’ll all be in jail. And hush Jameil! I’m growing!


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