…I quite literally pissed off every single person I had contact with from the moment I woke up (“Hey you wanna go out this weekend?”) to the minute after I fell asleep and was awakened around 4am by a phone call (“We need to talk.”) Ugh.

I think that’s pretty damn talented.

This is why I don’t talk to people. Because it gets me in trouble. Because they say things that make me say things that I need to consider first. And since I can’t exactly seem to get a handle on that whole brain-to-mouth censor thing, I think it’s best I hush.

Except, my phone keeps BLOWING UP. And no one calls me, ever. And everyone is instant messaging. And emailing. And texting. (And we all know how attatched I am to my texts… don’t we Jam?) Where were all these people when I wanted to talk? When I could talk to people and not alienate my friends? lol

So here’s what I learned from yesterday…

1. Don’t call me and ask me for relationship advice. Please. It’s best for the both of us.
2. If you keep your phone on silent, you won’t be tempted to answer it when it rings because you won’t hear it.
3. When your friends call you and complain about you being MIA, feign mock confusion and then have the call “drop”. You must do it within the first 3 minutes of the convo. It’s better this way. 4. I hardly ever wanna have a convo that begins with, “We need to talk.” I especially don’t wanna have this convo at 4am… with you.
5. I am notsomuch with the people skills. But I’m working on it. Sincerely.

9 thoughts on “Yesterday…

  1. Aw don’t be that way Jam! Oh and also… DAGNABBIT!!! BABY STEPS!!! I got 3 years worth of stuff to move. I’m working on it, lol


  2. I DON’T WANNA BE YOUR FRIEND NO WAY!! btw… did you really call us children, tho? I’M GROWN!! that’s 1. 2) are you aware 2006 didn’t make it over of 2007 pre oct. you got some work to do.


  3. Jam this is how I know we ccant be friends. I LIVE thru text messages. I haven’t heard Joy’s voice in MONTHS, lol.Muze I wish I had been lucid enough to realize that’s the best practice. I really do.Chris hahahaha how long has it been since I’ve heard somebody say that? 1998 where you at?!?Oh Slish. Now THAT I will always be willing to wake up at 4am for.V I do that ALL THE TIME! No one ever calls me cuz I always screen, but then when I leave my phone on silent for days at a time, all of a sudden I pop up with like 8 missed calls and whatnot. err?


  4. lmao! you’re so ig. i ignored all calls for 2 days. i got so into it i almost kept doing it for a week. but i realized mommy needed to hear my voice. texts make me vomit.


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