10 thoughts on “Cha Cha Real Smooth

  1. i’m mad at mcdonald’s for that commercial on SEVERAL levels!1. why are they eating MCDONALD’S on real plates? not even take out but FAST FOOD2. Why ar they using the cha-cha slide as if the song came out last tuesday?3. why is that boy one of the ugliest child i’ve ever seen? looking like a newt with glasses on…


  2. Ms. Lady my boss sent this to me and I literally spent the next 15 minutes laughing uncontrollably. Chris I hadn’t either! It’s fantastic. I try to watch it at least 3 times a day.jarrod you know you would SO be the dad in the video, all kinda getting into it real slow, soon to blossom full on into an off beat, wink-and-the-gun shuffle.La: Self, do you see Jam’s point?Self: Something about having posted it before.L: I guess it wasn’t all that memorableS: Obviously. She should do something about that


  3. you are a damn mess..lol..my son loves that commercial…new spot looks very well put together..is there something in the water?? cuz i just changed mine up as well..guess its just time for change.


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