My Cherie Amor

There are some moments in your life who’s details will never dull in your memory.

The first moment you realize you’re in love with someone.
The birth of a child.
That perfect first kiss.
The day you or your favoritest person gets married.
Your first night in your own place.

The moment you realize that you are watching Stevie Wonder from 13 rows back.

At the risk of sounding disgustingly dramatic, I am pretty sure last night changed my life. Sincerely. The man is a genius. And he’s silly. He’s superbly talented. He is utterly spectacular.

I really have no words for how amazing his show was last night. All I can say is that if he’s coming to a town near you, it’s worth the price of the ticket. Hands DOWN.

So, true to form, here are the things you need to know about last night presented in a hilarious and well written list.

1. Stevie Wonder is 114 years old. He’s been singing for the last 175 years. He performed straight, nonstop for 2 and a half hours. No choreography, no pyro or special effects, no bullshit. His voice is still as clear and crisp and strong as it was 207 years ago when he started his career. You silly bitches complaining about exhaustion and having issues with your voice? You should be dragged outside and beaten.

2. Anyone who can sing “Knockin’ the Boots” and make it sound like a song you’d want your kids to listen to is aiight with me. Ditto for “Bed” and “Rehab”.

3. My man stood up on the damn piano… and then JUMPED DOWN. WHAT?!?!?!?

4. Black people are the worst. You mean to tell me, kind sir, that not only were you 30 minutes late to the show, but you crawl over me, all in the middle of “Sir Duke” and then you have the nerve to be so big that you’re sitting in all of your chair and half of mine? And you’re drowned in Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue (a WOMAN’S perfume?!?!?) and then, THEN you mean to tell me I am supposed to excuse you being dressed like your wife… in a red jumpsuit?!? No mas.

5. You know you’re about to see a good show when you sit down and look over the stage and realize there are no huge elaborate sets, no pyro set ups, no abundance of props, no intricate backdrop, just a littering of instruments. Ahh yes, real talent.

6. Experiencing a historic occassion such as the first time in 25 years Mr. Wonder has toured makes everyone fast friends. We bonded with the chicks next to us. By then end of the show, random people who didn’t even know each other were dancing together in the aisles. It was a nice display of unity, even if temporary.

7. Have you ever been to a concert so damn good that the audience isn’t howling along except when requested? How many people do you know so damn talented that people won’t sing along? To that end….

8. You KNOW you’re working your ass off to give a good show when you’re sweating while sitting down and singing at a piano, as Stevie was.

9. I’m sorry sir, did you just do an entire 10 minute breakdown where your entire vocalization was inhaling and exhaling rhythmically and making it sound perfect? I. just. cant. take it.

10. Really? Really couple? You have on your eighth grade prom dress ma’am, and you, kind sir, have on a tuxedo… LITERALLY? I know, I know, they don’t let niggas go nowhere too often but I gotta tell ya… this is why.

At some point, I might attempt to come up with a post that discusses the show a little more in depth. But for right now, I am far too delirious and in shock that I actually saw Stevie Wonder live in a full length concert.

From 13 rows back 🙂

19 thoughts on “My Cherie Amor

  1. I love how your commentary went from Stevie, to your surroundings, back to Stevie, and back around again. I feel like I was there, really. No further review necessary!


  2. “3. My man stood up on the damn piano… and then JUMPED DOWN. WHAT?!?!?!?”Cuz the ngga can SEE. I cant believe yall still falling for the “blind” okey doke. Your list pretty much sums up how i felt when I saw him…except I WAS singing every single note of every single song…AND running back and forth like Martin Lawrence at the first notes of every song. I wouldnt mind quitting my life…


  3. MO!!!! He is so fantastic! Girl he thought he was doing it with his kool aid red suit and woman’s perfume.Epsi Common gives a great show. I’ve seen him twice I believe. He was so energetic he made me tired. Ms. Behaving you KNOW he was giving me The Eye like I was feeling him behind his date’s back. BOOOOOOO to you kind sir. Blah! How could you FORGET?!?! You go sit in the corner.Nitty don’t hate… well naw, do. I’d hate on me on too. Hate on! lolJarrod hahaha leave it to you to be ignorant. One of his background singers was there trying to assist him but he apparently didn’t need it.SLISH!!! LMFAO! SO outta control… I’m pretty sure that’s good sex thoughHey SP! Stranger! If you ever get the opportunity, GO. It was even more fantastic than I can even tell you.X I’m aware they have Light Blue for dudes, but I’m 100% sure this light blue was the 1 I used to wear.


  4. LMAO @ Jarrod’s dumb ass!! But you do know that Dolce and Gabana has a Light Blue for men? Saw it Saturday when I lost my sanity and went to the mall. Just trying to help a brother out….


  5. Wait…hold on…***taps the referee and calls tim out***…Stevie jumped on the piano and then jumped off? Was security around in case he missed?


  6. Gurl Stevie is <>that<> man right there so I’m not the least bit surprised to read you enjoyed every bit of his performance.LMAO @ “<>You have on your eighth grade prom dress ma’am, and you, kind sir, have on a tuxedo… LITERALLY? I know, I know, they don’t let niggas go nowhere too often but I gotta tell ya… this is why<>“Betchu they thought they were crushin’ em’ too!


  7. Stace as SOON as he walked out on stage I got goosebumps all over and continued to get them everytime the opening notes of a new song played. You must, MUST see him. Like, I wanna quit my life and follow him around on tour. Anf of COURSE he was looking like the Kool Aid Man. Simply. Cannot. Take. It.O.N. I got to see EWF in Atl some years back and it too was one of those life changing experiences. They were FANTASTIC. And so damn talented! They were singing, dancing, rotating instruments, getting the crowd involved. It was a great show. The real question is though… uh what does a sista have to do to get invited to read the blog? lolMs. Lady I always knew he was talented but I just really could never get a grasp on it til I saw it in real time. Simply amazing. We GOTTA go see him if he comes to the A.Chris I was too, I was just very lucky that we got the tickets as a gift, otherwise I woulda been DEVASTATED. I’ve never seen Frankie Beverly and Maze but my mother never misses a show of theirs. And he had on girl perfume because he wanted me to talk about him horribly. I’m convinced of it, lolV it was a MESS up in there. You know your people go all out when they’re going somewhere special. They were all formal-ed out. I forgot to include the description of X’s fellow organizational member who was either the most overzealous neo EVER or was by far the tackiest woman on earth.Jam I went with my mama. hahahah LMFAO@ “preggers and in juvie”. Nut. D&G shoulda been nicer to me. If he needed 2 seats he shoulda bought 2 seats, not sat halfway in my lap.


  8. faaaaaaaab!! who’d you go with? it was their 8th grade prom. they didn’t get to go b/c she was preggers and he was in juvie so they made up for it. that sounds fab! you should’ve been nicer to D&G. THAT WAS SANTA!! NO GIFT CARDS FOR YOU!! all non-returnable, non-refundable plaid leopard print trimmed in puce.


  9. LMFAO!!I went to a 70s Soul Spectacular with my mom and it was sprinkling of gigantic hair dos and crushed velvet outfits. Thank God they served liquor.


  10. So green with envy right now. Absolutely love Stevie, and I was pledging for Broke Phi Broke when he was in DC in October, so I missed him. Frankie Beverly and Maze does an outstanding live show as well. But wait, why is a big ass man wearing women’s perfume? *Riley Escobar Freeman voice* eww nigga, you gay!


  11. The way you reacted to Stevie is the way I reacted earlier this year when I went to see EARTH, WIND & FIRE. Tuesday, May 29, 2007 will be a day that I will never forget.


  12. i have goose bumps just READING the post.he’s old school… back in the day when you actually had to have talent to get a deal. they don’t make ’em like that anymore.i need to see him. now. and ix-nay on Mr. and Mrs. Highschool High!! LOLOLOLOL I LOVE IT!!!and a red jumpsuit? lookin like the kool-aid man i take it…?


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