Things I Am Thankful for at 3:36am When I’m Too Sick to Sleep

1. Sending Joy epic text messages and her never complaining about my lengthy venting sessions.

2. Pads in my most vertical heels to cushion the balls of my feet.

3. Being charming.

4. Jack in the Box.

5. My sidekick, aka the thing essential to all my most basic life functions.

6. Cheese fries.

7. Knowing that on the rare occassions you do decide to pick up the phone, caller ID has already let you know that the voice on the other end is the only one you really wanna hear.

8. Clarity.

9. The way dark denim jeans make my hips and ass look.

10. Airplane tickets.

11. Really good, sweat your wrap out, intense, way-too-loud-considering-you-have-neighbors-but-I-couldn’t-possibly-shut-up-or-care-less sex.

12. Text messages from moons ago crushes letting me know they’re thinking of me. I haven’t thought of you in eons kind sir, but you’re good for my ego.

13. Bossip and Perez Hilton. Like me, Perez doesn’t sleep and the daily dose of bitchy Queen is essential to my happiness.

14. Having the self control to not run around my neighborhood screeching at the top of my lungs and yanking down the gaudy ass Christmas decorations that occupy damn near every house for blocks. No mas.

15. The billions of discounts I get on stuff through The Company that I will never be able to use all of… but dammit if I’m not gonna try.

16. Unexpected starbucks giftcards. Woo! I’ll see you in a few hours Steve! (my fav barista… baristo? Baristperson?)

17. and bka where the vast majority of the Christmas presents I did buy came from.

18. Bloggers!

19. Realizing that among the legions of books that I own that I’ve missed reading a couple, therefore giving myself something to do this weekend other than figuring out what the hell I’m gonna wear to The Company’s Christmas party.

20. Someone to stay up with you when you’re too sick to sleep šŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Things I Am Thankful for at 3:36am When I’m Too Sick to Sleep

  1. #7 — check#9 — check#10 — check#11 — [LOL] check n’ a half šŸ˜‰#13 — I’mma have to get up on thatLMAO @ #14#15 — Holla if you need any help [ya hear??]#17 — check# 18 — check#20 — YES GURL…AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH?!?!?!Hope you’re feelin’ better!


  2. Mo you have NO idea how much those damn Christmas decorations are the bain of my existence right now.jam I usually don’t do gossip either! But dammit if I don’t love that Perez. Joy I totally thought I told you. Then again you know I’m such a baby when I’m sick that I try to avoid all human contact, lolAhh Chris. Number 11. *staring off into space dreamily*Slish I do SO love the way you think, lol. Eff ’emMemphiz, if not for dark jeans I’m sure half of my damn wardrobe would be pointless. Am I the only one that buys a couple pairs at a time if I find a good one? lolV what is UP with the blowup dolls as Xmas decorations?!?! We got blow up Frosty, Santa, reindeer, and an entire inflatable nativity scene.Discounts? Step into my office…Cnel budget? Um… huh? What’s that now? lolMuze overstock is literally the only reason anyone is getting presents. Otherwise, everyone would be SCREWED lol


  3. “I haven’t thought of you in eons kind sir, but you’re good for my ego.”HaI want a Christmas party to go to.I don’t even feel like contemplating gifts for the few people I MUST get gifts for. Maybe because I don’t feel like instituting a budget that I may subsequently blow.


  4. The house down the street from me has a blow-up of Santa in a blow-up airplane. That shit is brighter than the damn street lights.And what are these discounts you speak of?


  5. I wish I could care enough to worry about what I’m wearing to this hokey-ass Christmas party, but I probably won’t. #11 is a must. Ain’t nothin’ like hot, lovely relations.


  6. i want someone to stay up with me. yay bloggers! up w/target &overstock. wish i had a co. christmas party to go to. dark denim is the love of my life. i don’t do gossip. i just don’t care. i can barely keep up with my own life and the lives of the bloggers i stalk. let’s not add celebs to it!


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