I'm at the Obama rally as I type in Houston. I'll post pictures as soon as I can. But this is utterly... amazing. To put it lightly. I'll type more after he speaks.

As if it wasn't bad enough that a vast majority of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast looks like Katrina just happened yesterday, but now this?You have GOT to be kidding me with this shit.I remember last year going to New Orleans for the Jazz Festival. We went to a juke joint over off Bernard in … Continue reading

A to Z

aka I have nothing else to talk about, lol Award: Oh God. You know how on Friends, Ross had an entire room full of trophies and plaques and awards and shit? That was totally me. Every certificate, award and ribbon you can think of, I have. Track, oratorical contests, dance, honor roll, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, … Continue reading A to Z

The Couch

"So why are you here La?"The question seems absurd on some level, but I know she's not being an asshole. I curl up in a ball, my legs sinking into the comfy purple cushions of the chair. I gaze through the sheer gauze posing as window shadings down to the sparkling street below. The sky … Continue reading The Couch

Ghosts in the Trees

I won't lie.In the begininng, I was pretty sure I'd vote for Hilary.I've always liked Hilary. Despite her early career penchant for tap dancing better than Savion, I think she's smart. Effective. A nice balance between brass balled and emotionally sound. Fair. Not so liberal that she makes no sense, not so conservative that there's … Continue reading Ghosts in the Trees