As if it wasn’t bad enough that a vast majority of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast looks like Katrina just happened yesterday, but now this?

You have GOT to be kidding me with this shit.

I remember last year going to New Orleans for the Jazz Festival. We went to a juke joint over off Bernard in 5th ward to see some family.

It looked like we were only about a week from missing having to wade through the muddy waters Katrina left.

Most of the houses that were still standing were boarded, half of most of the structures rotten. Gaping holes decorating the the foundation. Windows knocked out. Mold eating at paint. Roofs caved in. X’s still spray painted on doors and broad sides marking how many bodies had been found in each house. 1. 6. 3. The ruin went on for blocks. It didn’t just look like your regular, run down hood. It looked like we’d stepped into the middle of a battlefield. The house may as well had been bombed. Trailers littered the sidewalks and brown patched front yards. You could see where some people were living in half a house, the other part unlivable but still being forced to stay there. And all I could think was, this was summer of 2007. Damn near 2 years after the storm hit.

And now you mean to tell me, these people that have been living in trailers all this time that they probably had to fight tooth and nail to get to begin with starting complaining of respiratory issues in 2005 and you are JUST NOW realizing the trailers you gave them are giving them formaldahyde poisoning?

I can’t.

Screw this 08 election. I’m moving to Toronto.

(I didn’t mean it Obama!!!!!)

(and please don’t forget about this post cuz I do need some advice.)

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  1. Totally unbelievable yet still I’m not surprised. Amazing in 2008 things like this can still go onIn reference to your previous post, I say if u feel like you can handle your family getting back involved in your life then yes you should make an effort to stay in contact with them, it’s not a requirement but you may look back in the future and possibly be glad you did 🙂


  2. I do not know why we are all surprised. This is the same gov’t that gave Native Americans smallpox-infested blankets. It is the same gov’t that cannot put our right to vote into law. It is the same gov’t that killed our heroes. Its the same government that just up and decides to kill other political leaders as it sees fit. Reason number 2,456 why you should not depend on the government for help.


  3. Two years later and they <>still<> don’t have their shyt together?!?!?!<>THAT’S A DAMN SHAME<>!!!They got people living like animals yet all they can do/have done is offer them a temporary fix that’s just as bad as not doing anything @ all and it’s sad.


  4. The way this situation has been handled is simply criminal. And it’s not just a federal issue — state and local government neglect and abuse is rampant, too. It’s a real shame.


  5. oh SHOCKER!! name one thing fema has gotten right. it was not prepared, the city of new orleans was not prepared, the states of louisiana, alabama and mississippi were not prepared. i’m not sure how prepared you can be for an event of that magnitude but the horrid state of recovery and the staggering amount of damage still there shows they were caught with their pants down. love your quick obama apology! you’re so fabulous.


  6. That breaks my heart to hear.I am soo the type to try and NOT think of how f*cked up this country truly is..but its reality…I cant look the other way.As for the fam’ thing..its so your decision..but me??Im stubborn..I feel the telephone was created for equal dont call me..why the hell should I break my neck??Thats just me..I know I sound a bit petty and selfish..but oh well.


  7. There have been rumblings about the formaldahyde since the first FEMA park opened. Here some inspectors blatantly lied about the chemical being in there. And the only reason this came out is because the CDC tested them.FEMA wasn’t going to do shit. I’m kinda pissed at the people who have been living there all this time and ot working tho.


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