11 thoughts on “YES WE CAN

  1. OH MY GOD… if you get there first, get me a large. **LMFAO at “Party like a Barack Star” tshirt**Now… if I have EVER wished that I was either with you or actually you for a quick second, it was last night. I watched the whole thing (well of course you know that since I was frenetically texting you the entire time!), and was just WILLING myself to turn into a jumper (go see that movie ASAP and tell me all about it) so that I could be there. **sigh** And then my pain in the butt aunt calls me AT WORK this morning, and all I can hear in the background is “SI SE PUEDE” and Barack chanting “Yes we can!” Her punk ass was at the rally in Dallas. **double sigh** Even mean people get better perks than me.


  2. Muze are you serious? That’s a shirt?!?!? **running off into cyberspace to find it**Chris si se puede!!! (that’s how it goes here in Texas, lol)Ms Behaving my computer is acting a fool so I’m working on itjam wtf is jeally?


  3. oooohh!!! i’m jealous. do you have your ‘party like Barack star’ shirt on? lol. hope all is fabulous chica! can’t wait to see pics.


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