"Honestly though I have always been rather private.""By private do you mean secretive?" We laugh out loud like girlfriends rather than doctor and patient."No I mean private. I have never lied to anyone. If anyone asks me a direct question, I always tell the truth.""That's interesting, La. Why does it take a direct question?"I think … Continue reading Accountable

I Always Hated Usher

DAMN I'm dragging my feet on this confession thing. lolNone of yall have exactly inspired me to reveal any deep dark secrets.And by that I mean I'm being a punk.Come on wit it!!! lol

I love older buildings. When I was living in New York, it was part of the reason I loved living on the upper westside. I prefer them to all the new, modern condos that are popping up in every city (probably part of the reason I am so in love with your place... aside from … Continue reading

It's 1:07.I am still in a high school auditorium trying to caucus in Texas.Texas and it's goddamn two-step will be what costs Obama this election.I love seeing the many layers in which this country's inherrent racism unfold.

Tricks and Toys

Libby is trying unsuccessfully to hide behind her long brown bangs. The sight of her scrunched shoulders, hair hung low over over sized Dolce frames is enough to send me into full on convulsions of laughter."Dammit La stop laughing at me! I can't believe I let you bring me here!"I laugh harder and louder, loud … Continue reading Tricks and Toys