8 thoughts on “I Always Hated Usher

  1. Chris said it quite nicely, lol. <>I hate this new Usher song!<> To say it sucks would be too kind. It’s pointless, worthless, why did he even waste his time recording it, and waste our time by paying the radio stations to play it???I didn’t hate Usher before, but I hate him now for this song!And, confessions are hard. I say be defiant and keep it to yourself!


  2. I did mine and edited it like 4 times, lol!!! Raising my hand, hi, I’m magnoliapeach and I am a reformed punk. lol.You must got something juicy, can’t wait, lol.


  3. Well will you agree with me that “Love In The Club” is THEE. WORST. SONG. EVAR?! That song is full of fail much like Karrine’s mouth is full of sperm.I’m sure you have an interesting confession…visions of Bullets are dancing in my head, maybe something about that? *wink*


  4. I hear ya! It’s hard confessing something that very few people know, that you don’t mind putting on a blog for a whole lotta people to know. My confession wasn’t all THAT scandalous, but I still went private to post it.You must have something REALLY juicy to confess…<>MAN UP!!<> LOL!


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