In the Meantime…

Cannon tagged me! So here are 6 random facts about me before I give you the answers to the post below, just in case there are a few stragglers.

Here are the rules…

1. link the person who tagged you…
2. mention the rules in your blog…
3. tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
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1. I can forge anything.

This came in quite handy in high school, but I’m pretty sick with anything that involved studying and imitation. It’s probably one of the reasons I chose acting as a profession. But usually after a few tries, I can forge any one’s signature. If I listen long enough, I can mimic the pitch of your voice, your accent, and your inflection. Damn shame to be so talented.

2. I’m in love with driving.

Anything. I love driving my truck. (preferably as fast as I can safely get away with) Next I wanna learn how to drive a stick because I think shifting gears is really hot for some reason, lol. (and I wanna 1964 and a half Mustang and they were only made with sticks) I want a motorcycle. I NEED to learn how to fly a helicopter. I have no idea where that compulsion came from other than a general loving of all things adrenaline inducing. I have no idea how to even go about accomplishing it. I have no idea what purpose it will serve in my life, other than making me feel really hot because I can say I have my pilot’s license. But I neeeeeeed it, lol

3. There is no cartilage in my left knee.

I may or may not have disclosed that before. But this is one of many side effects from many hours of dance classes. This is gonna go over everybody’s head other than probably Duck’s, but because I am right handed, my right side was predominantly my working side in any dance class. So my right leg was generally the one stretching, turning, extending, leaping, etc, etc. Which is all fine and dandy except that meant that my left leg was the one supporting my body doing all that foolishness. One day in a ballet class late in my senior year of high school, I was doing fouette turns and trying to prep myself for pirouettes a la seconde (you can fast forward to 8:45 to see what kinda turns I was trying to do) and I went one way and my knee went the other. Eeep! That’s when the doctor told me I didn’t have any cartilage below my knee cap and that essentially my knee cap was rubbing against the top of whatever bone that goes down the front of your leg and that I needed to take it easy.

So, you know, I went to tap class, lol.

4. I hate taking medicine.

I refuse to take it. The only medicine I will take regularly is birth control and that’s only because I had the idea of having children more than I hate taking medicine. I’m sure part of it is my penchant for all natural remedies (I’d much rather take a peppermint bath for congestion and body aches than Nyquil that will have me all fucked up) but part of it is just that I don’t think all medicines work. I think it’s a mental thing. People get headaches, their first inclination is to pop two Tylenol, and give it 15 minutes to work. Rather than listening to our bodies which might be telling us that it’s tired or stressed or sick in some other way, we just want it gone as quickly and conveniently as possible. I guess it is indicative of our microwave culture, but I just don’t buy it. Medicine is way too Big Business for me to be completely trusting of it. And why on earth does allergy medicine carry the risk of anal leakage?

5. I’m really good with my hands.

And not (just) in that way. When I was younger, I was always taking things apart and trying to put them back together. It was just fascinating to me for some reason. As I got older it kinda stuck. It has mostly relegated itself to building things, lighting design and home improvement projects (if the market wasn’t so ridiculous right now, I would so redo houses to flip) but I am kinda sick with any kinda tool. I think my favorite thing I have done so far is at my old house in Atlanta. Me and my daddy stripped and sanded all our kitchen cabinets (power sanders are the BEST) and re-stained the wood a dark cherry color. We cut and laid tiles on the floor and marble for the counter and built shelves into the walls.
See? Sick.

6. I am a jack of all trades and a master of nothing.

In theory. My life is an amalgamation of randomness. I can do all this stuff but of course because I love doing all this stuff and I pick it up quickly and I’m good at all this stuff, it seems like I lack focus. It’s certainly not that, it’s just that I hate learning one thing and just sticking with it and never doing anything else, lol. (None of that has ever been so evident as it has been recently while updating my resume and even I had to go, “How did I learn all this stuff?”) I like it about myself. I think it kinda makes me quirky. But I guess I can see how some people would mistake it for flightiness. Oh the artist was always so misunderstood, lol

I ain’t tagging nobody. I’m pretty sure everyone in our little incestuous blog circle has already done this or been tagged. But if you hadn’t and, like me, you’re floundering for blog posts, have at it! lol

15 thoughts on “In the Meantime…

  1. I taught my self how to drive a stick with my mom’s mustang. GAT DAYUM I used to love pullin corners with that car!!!! And a stick is so fulfilling!!


  2. Oof. Not the knee. Geezus.(And I’m mad you linked Center Stage. Isn’t that, like, the best worst dance movie ever? Lol.)


  3. What is this game you’re playing and how does one get involved. I’m kidding.Forge my bosses signature…please. I have a few reimbursement requests I need to ahem…pass through.Oh, and just how good are you with your hands??? I could use some deep tissue work.


  4. We are *here* on #4. I hate meds but I’m all about birth control, lmao. And yeah I have allergies but its only for a lil while and anal leakage is NOT sexy. As far as being good with your hands, I think its an oldest child thing. We just happened to be girls but our dads still wanted us to be handy.


  5. I can’t forge anything, but I can copy people’s writing styles. For example if I needed to fake an email from my boss, I could do it right down to the word that she always misspells and the inappropriate punctuation she always uses. Aren’t we all Jacks of all trades and masters of nothing. That’s so annoying.


  6. I can forge sigs, too. i used to do all my friends’ bad grades and reading journals in elementary school. i can mimic voices and sounds only once. maybe twice. beyond that you’re out of luck. the cartilege thing is nasty. i don’t do meds unless absolutely necessary either. i don’t know why i keep filling these prescriptions to refuse to take any more beyond 3 or 4 pills.


  7. yeah, I need to learn how to drive stick yesterday. but its kinda pointless is a city. Got to 2nd just to get to the next light? No thanks.pilot license does sound hot, esp for a chick.i used to think illness was a mental thing. but i just can’t psyche myself out of mens. cramps. psychological vs. physiological. Physi wins.


  8. forging stuff is the coolest… would be interesting to hear you imitate someone that well too…Stick always scared the shit out of me… my dad always had a car with stick shift and I couldn’t get with that… swore to god I would bang out before I went to 3rd gear.I think that may be the deal with my right knee… it always feels crazy when I’m working out and it’s popping and shit… oh wellfeels the same about medicine, but I do the tylenol with no hesitation. anything else, though, I’m not so quick to do.


  9. I learned to drive in a stick shift truck… that shit <>is<> hot.I would still be driving stick today if I didn’t live in Los Angeles. Driving stick in traffic is NOT the business!


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