Just a stream of consciousness for lack of any real post of any kind...Ever since Ortho Doc told me I'd be getting my braces off in a few weeks, I've been even more obsessed with my teeth. I'm constantly checking my teeth in the mirror. I brush them all the time. And I TALK about … Continue reading Randomosity

Hilary Death Watch

This is why the wife and I need our own op ed column...Shanio: 2 percent! Does that even count as a win??La: Hahaha no!Shanio: LolShanio: Exactly!La: I neeeeeed her to drop outShanio: LolShanio: YeahLa: I mean, she's not of courseShanio: She's ridiculous.La: She is!La: So much so that I've actually been considering voting for McCain … Continue reading Hilary Death Watch

Things Fall Apart

we knew from the start that things fall apart, intentions shatter...I'm all confused when the phone rings because it's late and I just got off of it and nothing that needs my attention at this time of night is a good thing.I'm right.I've literally never heard someone crying so hard. If I wasn't already familiar … Continue reading Things Fall Apart