17 thoughts on “The Obamas

  1. hey girl.i so feel you on this. i love their love.lately though, i’ve been REALLY reconsidering my whole ‘i wanna get married’ thing. like, for real.hope all is fabu!


  2. Jarrod is crazy.Chris is crazy.Mr. Jones says what a lot of people may think when she’s proving a point.


  3. I was going to say something… but Chris is OUT. OF. CONTROL.Oh, and Michelle is my Fairy Godmother. She’s freakin’ great. I heart Jay-Z and Beyonce (and don’t forget Cliff and Claire), but I want a Barack to my Michelle.


  4. LMAO@ Chris.Don’t forget, Michelle is from the hood. And I’m with Rashan, she always is done for Rocky but has her own shine. So Fab!!


  5. Jarrod, you’re not alone homeskillet. Michelle is really ride or die, like any black woman who loves her man. It’s made of awesome.Black love in the White House is going to be awesome. And you just know their sex life is the bomb. That’s why you always catch Barack staring and grinning at Michelle while she’s talking. Like “Girl, I’m going to put it on you AGAIN tonight…You better hope we make it to the bedroom.”


  6. I’m sorry I’m trying to treat the hives that always seem to pop up whenever someone says the “M” word.***dabs on some home remedy***Much better. Now is it just me or does anyone else notice that Michelle always has that “I’ll fuck you up look” whenever someone starts to talk sideways about Barack. On the low, that kinda turns me on…


  7. So glad you posted this wife! I missed it (and I don’t have TV).Michelle is an amazing woman, and I truly aspire to be like her.


  8. Yeah, they do come off as a strong committed couple working towards the same goal. I’d love to see Michelle in the White House.


  9. They are soooooo my idols- I love them together. And they seem to complement one another so well. **scurrying off to get those Inaugural Ball tickets**


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