I’m Sure this isn’t Racist but "Anti-American" Too

I know, everyone is all up in arms about Reverend Wright but is anyone outraged and questioning John McCain about this?

I don’t know why I’m shocked at all. This is the same country that will try and convince me that we don’t live in a racist nation and then pretend the Reverend’s views, for better or worse, whether I disagree or not, are “anti-American” when what they really mean to say is that it’s “anti-White people”, because, you know, that’s bad. Especially considering how much white people have done for us, right Pat?

I, for one, am not buying it. Especially living here in the land of mega churches that allow racist, offensive, bigoted and narrow minded white men like John Hagee to reach millions of people everyday on various platforms, not just from within the confines of a church in Chicago. It’s astounding to me that he can rant that Hurricane Katrina was sent to punish the city of New Orleans for a “homosexual parade there on the Monday that Katrina came” and yet no one puts any political pressure on John McCain to denounce this bigot as they did Barack Obama with Reverend Wright.

Actually, no. I’m not astounded.

Because many people in this country would stand in my face and try to convince me that Mr. Hagee doesn’t think the people of the Jewish faith are born of whores.

Or that he wouldn’t look at me and think, nigger.

And next time… Why La Doesn’t Go to Church.

You can forward to about :58 to really get to his “views”

This is a good one too. Here Hagee “defends the Jews” by claiming Jesus wasn’t the Messiah. Has conservative, Christian, Middle America seen this?

And this isn’t anti-American? Oh I guess not because he blames immigrants, and they aren’t Americans, yes?

9 thoughts on “I’m Sure this isn’t Racist but "Anti-American" Too

  1. it’s always cool when the white guy does Chris Rock said and it’s so true.I really have no words right now. This pisses me off.


  2. Guess we have the same morning reading habits, huh?Thank you for writing this. Because at this point I’m too frustrated to even begin thinking about attacking the keyboard.“Veronica, how do you feel about this?”… <>Please refer to my blogger colleague and fellow HU alum, La… thank you and good night. <>


  3. and… why did barack have to separate himself from Wright? this asswipe downs a whole religion and gets minimal press coverage at best? wtf? is he jew? christian? he’s confused… bu he’s white, so it’s cool…


  4. i think all the preachers getting their 45 mins of fame off of this political election are meant to be ignored. i read that article sunday and thought it still won’t make a difference in some people’s minds. and you know what? i think growing up in the south prepared me for that and gave me the “so what i’m moving on w/o you, bigot or not” shell. i know you have it, too. we are so fab. (i just saw you have a tag titled gay hubby glory days… i’ma call that what it is: hilarity!!!)


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