Hilary Death Watch

This is why the wife and I need our own op ed column…

Shanio: 2 percent! Does that even count as a win??
La: Hahaha no!
Shanio: Lol
Shanio: Exactly!
La: I neeeeeed her to drop out
Shanio: Lol
Shanio: Yeah
La: I mean, she’s not of course
Shanio: She’s ridiculous.
La: She is!
La: So much so that I’ve actually been considering voting for McCain if she gets the dem slot
La: Unless she takes John Edwards as her running mate
La: In which case I’ll be so confused
Shanio: Lmao!
Shanio: There is no way in hell I would vote for her.
La: I just don’t want her to “misspeak” on something else and we end up in the middle of WWIII
Shanio: Lol
Shanio: I feel like McCain is a known quantity
Shanio: You know what you’re getting
Shanio: Clinton is just so disingenuous
La: So true
La: At least McCain is somewhat consistent
La: As much as a politician can be
Shanio: Right
La: And isn’t so conservative that it makes me uncomfy
Shanio: I’d rather have a president who is a known racist and anti-humanitarian
Shanio: Than a woman who pretends to be whatever her current constituency is
Shanio: _____ outta here with that ____! (words edited to protect the Ivy)
Shanio: Lol
La: Hahahaha!
La: Precisely
La: I don’t need a political chameleon
La: I need to know exactly what I’m getting
La: Even if I don’t like it
Shanio: Obama is the most consistent
La: And wtf is it w/this elitist thing?
La: Jesus I’d hope my president was among the elite
La: If he’s gonna speak for me and all

Shanio: OMFG
Shanio: It’s that obama is an uppity negro
Shanio: And ‘elitist’ is the 2008 way of saying that ___ (edited to protect the Ivy)

La: Lol
La: Well then shit I’m elitist too
La: Lol
Shanio: Lol
La: So ridiculous
Shanio: Precisely
La: I’m sorry as much as I’d love to go have a beer w/average joe plumber down the street
La: I don’t want him deciding if I can get birth control, lol
Shanio: Um
Shanio: Notsomuch
La: And fuckin Clinton hollering about him being “outta touch”
La: When has she ever been in touch?
La: Her father owned his own business
La: She went to ivy league schools on her parents dime

La: Got into politics on her husbands dick
La: What exactly is she in touch with?
Shanio: Lol
Shanio: His dick?
La: Yeah right 😉
La: Lol

And later…

La: She’s not dropping!!!
Shanio: We knew this, honey
Shanio: Breathe
Shanio: And then go to slate.com
Shanio: Because ____ it, the numbers aren’t adding up
La: *stomping my feet and cursing*
La: Lol
Shanio: Take comfort in the math!!
La: Ok I’m in love w/the Hilary Death Watch
La: “Willing suspension of disbelief”
La: Hahahahahaha
La: Ahh slate 🙂
Shanio: Lol!
Shanio: I know
Shanio: Hahaha
La: Why the hell do people keep pretending like black people are the only ones voting for Obama?
La: Blacks make up barely a third of registered voters
La: Who are they kidding?
La: Come on Clinton
Shanio: Lmao
Shanio: I KNOW!
Shanio: Chick loaned herself 6.4 million dollars over the last month!
Shanio: Wtf?
La: Yeah!
La: I read that!
La: That’s elitist!
Shanio: The Obamas can’t even afford to do that mess, and they’re elitist?
La: Do you have 6.4 mil to loan yourself?
Shanio: (Not that they need too!)
La: Do the Obamas?
La: Hahahaha get outta my head!
Shanio: Hahahaaha!
Shanio: Best comment on the story about her loaning herself money:
Shanio: “I was going to post here to encourage Hilary to step down, but now that I think about it, there’s a certain symmetry to her borrowing herself into financial bankruptcy to match her new political and moral ones.”
Shanio: That person is my new best friend.
La: Hahahahahahaha!
La: Can we throw them a party!
La: Lol
Shanio: Lol!
La: I *heart* them
La: This coverage is so hilarious
La: Everyone else knows Hil is out
La: Why doesn’t she?!?

15 thoughts on “Hilary Death Watch

  1. <><>I just don’t want her to “misspeak” on something else and we end up in the middle of WWIII<><><><>Jesus I’d hope my president was among the elite<><>You damn near made me choke on my juice. And I don’t choke often.


  2. Girl…you have the SICKEST way with words!<>La:<><> She went to ivy league schools on her parents dime<><>La:<><> Got into politics on her husbands dick<>LOL!!! Sick! LUV that last line!!!


  3. Hi La, Long time. You good?:o) So I’m not the only one who had that conversation after the results came in. I even had to rant about it on my blog this morning. She’s like a dog with a bone but I blame the party for this foolishness.Now Im gonna catch up on all of your entries I have missed!


  4. y’all are outageous! lol. it’s not like he only got 33% of the vote so how is 1/3 of the voters are black impressive?? that’s exactly what i said yesterday am when i heard that. like how is that an accomplishment. AND 10% of the blacks who voted (and all registered voters did not) didn’t go for rocky. sooo… let’s say 28% of black registered voters cast ballots and 90% voted for obama. i wasn’t a math major but THAT DON’T ADD UP to 56% of the popular vote!!! and on mccain. i can’t vote for that man. he’s been flying under the radar b/c of the democratic race but he’s said some utterly OUTRAGEOUS THINGS!!!! no indeed.


  5. LMAO @ Chris…and of course she doesn’t know that she should drop out because she is living in her own world in her own head with her 6.4 million!!!!!


  6. “….and welcome to Divas On Politics! The show that looks at the Democratic Presidential Primaries, from a diva’s point of view! Today we have Hillary Clinton…hated it!”


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