"Shawty Wanna Thug"

“Call me so I can get it juicy for you.”

I snap my head around. This nigga is talking to me for real. For real? For. Real. Niggacoon?

I can’t stand how every new popular song becomes the new pickup line to antigame activists everywhere.

“Nah. *updown like he’s small* From the looks of you I’d do better going home and getting it juicy by myself.”

And so I left.

20 thoughts on “"Shawty Wanna Thug"

  1. Niggacoon… *dead and decomposed*I used to bag em when “excuse me miss” came out… they all used to respond, singing back, “what’s your name”… I’m too fly for my own good…


  2. Should have taken it back on his @ss and started singing NO SCRUBS by TLC…<>“I don’t want your number (<>NO<>)I don’t want to give you mine and (<>NO<>)I don’t want to meet you nowhere (<>NO<>)I don’t want none of your time and (<>NO<>)<>


  3. Chris you would think they would get better as they get older…but notsomuch.Chris hip hop IS dead. It’s official. Stick a fork in it. The sad part is, Wayne is pretty clever. But his constant bragging as well as lackluster performances mixed in with fantastic performances really makes it hard to see that. Well that plus the fact that he looks like a screaming monkey that I am desperate to scour and clean everytime I see him.X omg I SO needed you there. No one else would have understood my righteous indignation.RJ the thing is, it HAS worked on some girl. That’s why people keep doing it. Somewhere in the world there is a chick that walked over to a car and gave a dude her number after he honked at her on the curb… and when I find her I’m gonna kick her ass.Diva I am pretty tiny… but the point is he needed to feel small for that shit no matter how tall (over 6 feet) he was, lolV hahaha right?!? You would think they wouldn’t go looking for another hoodrat ass baby mama.Joy I am SO judging that, lolMuze omg are you kidding me? The only thing worse than that song is some wack dude trying it as a pickup. BOODuck! Wait! Don’t leave! *running after you* lolMia consider yourself lucky then.Jam LMFAO @ “where do they breed these things” Exactly. These are not real people. I refuse to accept that.Southern Gal I guess I should be glad it’s no longer “Can I buy you a drank?” bah.Blah… fine men do get away with a multitude of sins with me, lol. But even this woulda warranted *The Rock Eyebrow*Dollface hahaha that post would be far too long to accurately convey my foolishness. lol


  4. I have to admit…as much as I think he is one of the most unattractive little men I’ve seen…close to Too Short on my scale…That song is …that!I love that line……and maybe…if the right man had put his warm breath on your neck and whispered that shit in your ear…while smelling like John Varavatos Vintage and dressed like that!…he might have gotten a different response.I’m just sayin…maybe…:)


  5. “I can’t stand how every new popular song becomes the new pickup line to antigame activists everywhere.” THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYIN FOR YEARS!! so you think i got a fat butt. do you have to quote songs about it you simpleton? where do they breed these things? b/c they can’t be people. up down like he’s small indeed.


  6. Oh, to have seen his face as you walked away…I’ve never heard the song, so I can’t imagine what my response would have been.Damn these rappers.


  7. Wait.WAIT.Did you…You said…But…There’s no way…I can’t…Niggacoon?…NIGGACOON?!Good bye. I’m offically done.


  8. HA!!i just love you.pure comedy.*updown like he’s small* <---gangsta. lol.niggacoon…lol. perfect. out here it’s the whole ‘sexy, can i?’ ray j pick up line phenomenon. lol.geesh.


  9. You should have quoted the words of young Soldja Boi:“throw the towel in, give up. Throw the towel in, give up.”Don’t judge me! I love any song about booty.


  10. Ugh! LMAO @ the image of you snapping your head around…like I know I didn’t hear this fool say what I thought he said! Laughing even more at you giving him the “up down like he’s small”, especially because I think you’re just as short as I am…omg – just too funny!


  11. Hey La, back it up like erp, erp…Did that line work for you? No? Oh well. On the real though, I always ask this when I read posts about pickup lines. Are there any lines that have actually worked?


  12. 1) I’m SO stealing Niggacoon. Thank you, babygirl.2) Best. Comeback. Ever.And I have mentioned that I cannot stand Weakly F. Lamely? Calling him the best rapper out is lying saying shit is the best smell right now. If he’s the best, then hip-hop really is dead.


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