New Orleans, LA

2 weeks ago"Girl, it's 9 o'clock. Wake up. La."It's always kinda strange when my mother addresses me because she sounds just like me except where years of corporate life has sharpened her diction, I still often sound like I went to school on the south side of Atlanta. Half asleep and confused, I remind myself … Continue reading New Orleans, LA

Real Love

We all know, despite my romantic ruminations and rumblings of all things love related, that I only really have one true, real, and righteous love that never fails me and for whom my feelings never wane.Shoes.Ahh... shoes. :-)Oh how I heart thee. Let me count the ways...One...Two....Three...Oh shoes. You never let me down. I can't … Continue reading Real Love

No Debts

this time last year... "La you are so fucked up.""Excuse me?""You are so FUCKED up.""Because I fucked you once and didn't fall all head over heels in love with your arrogant ass like all the other extra regular ass hoes you fuck wit' means I'm fucked up?!?!""No you're fucked up 'cuz you don't know shit … Continue reading No Debts