Check Up

I figured since it's been about roughly half the year since I posted my New Year's Resolutions, I would check in on my progress.But first things first. Have yall seen this shit?I was already a little in love with Candace Parker but after this, she has officially screwfaced her way into my heart. Bwahahahahahaha! Did … Continue reading Check Up


So...About the 3 or 4 years or so, my life long knack of self dependancy began to become a real problem in my relationships. My friends felt cut off. My significant others felt uneeded. I was generally suffering from the weight. It seemed, at the time, that this life long skill of keeping to myself, … Continue reading Reverse


"Hey bitch!""Oh no ma'am. Its too late for all that yelling."She steps aside so I can come into her hotel suite, closing the heavy white door behind her. "Thank you for coming even though it's so late.""You coulda told me your flight was delayed Mariella.""Ooh you're mad at me. You used my whole name.""Not mad. … Continue reading Broken

In (w)e Flat

I really want not to feel some kinda way about it.I do.But I feel some kind of way about it.Reasonably speaking, it's petty. But it's not. It's big. It's major. It's important.To me.Patience... or... something.But the way I want it to be, need it to be, is not solely my decision. But I have to … Continue reading In (w)e Flat