Check Up

I figured since it’s been about roughly half the year since I posted my New Year’s Resolutions, I would check in on my progress.

But first things first. Have yall seen this shit?

I was already a little in love with Candace Parker but after this, she has officially screwfaced her way into my heart. Bwahahahahahaha! Did she run up on that girl and essentially steam roll her to the ground? **swoon**

Mmk here we go with the resolutions and shit…

1. stop drinking (as much).

2. blog more.
Hmmm… about that… I did really good with this for about a week. And then… I dunno… I got busy and stressed and outta town and blue and lazy and shit.

3. Stop cursing so goddamn much.

4. Stay celibate for…
That was pretty much a wrap before I even typed it. Celibacy is for dummies and people who can’t get laid. I am neither.

Wait I don’t mean you’re a dummy! I just meant that celibacy is stupid. lol

5. Be more forthcoming.
I did pretty good til I quit.

Yall niggas could read in between the lines though, lol

6. Travel more.
I have done so GOOD with this! So far this year I have been to Memphis, Baltimore, Chicago, DC, Atlanta, New Orleans and Miami. Upcoming trips include Vegas, LA and Puerto Rico. I ROCK!!!!

7a. I’ll stop screening so much.
hee hee that’s amusing to me. We all knew this wasn’t gonna happen. The good news is that people have caught on and stopped calling me, thus eliminating the need for screening as well as saving me money in ringtones, lol

8. Stop having such an issue with being clocked.
Actually no. Fuck that. Who doesn’t know that I despise being checked and clocked and monitored? I hate it. We all know every once in awhile I feel it necessary to take a heavy dose of getmissing. Leave me alone. I’m cool. So really my resolution is to make you stop clocking me. So in essence, it’s your resolution. Get to it goddammit.

I’ve done a little better with this. But many people clearly have not stuck to the resolution that I gave them.

9. Not get in any fights in 08.
I am doing SO good because I very rarely leave the house!!!!

10. Read more.
I’ve done a pretty good job of this too. I think now I will start reading different kinds of things than just the authors I usually read. I am open to suggestions!

11. Watch my words.
notsomuch with this.

*12. Grow my hair out.
I cannot believe that I have not taken the scissors (with the exception of trimming) to my head not once in 7 months. That is SO unlike me. My hair is getting pretty long too. Granted, I very rarely take it out of a curly ponytail at the back of my head long enough to press it and see how long it is, but whatever. Baby steps, lol. (I am dying to perm it though)

I’d say I am pretty on track. What say you?

P.S. I have done pretty good with my other unofficial resolution to meet a whole bunch of bloggers this year. So far I have met Van (twice), So Wise Sista, Jonzee, Rashan and most importantly…


Remember how we met a few weeks ago and neither of us posted a recap because we are both ridiculous? lol

We met up on that Sunday at least an hour after we were supposed to because a. I have no concept of time and b. Bob had to make a smoothie (err? a fence called Jesus). We had decided earlier to go here which is generally my favoritest sushi place in every city it’s in. Mo was nice enough not to cuss me out for showing up late so I inturned thanked her by tackling her in her driver’s seat. There was a picture of my ass all hanging out of her driver’s side window, but it has since been mysteriously destroyed, lol. We went inside and made sure we ordered enough food and drinks to cover the entire top of the table, talked and laughed and talked shit about you bloggers. You know how you meet someone and its your first time meeting and it’s all awkward and uncomfortable and weird because you never met even though you’ve talked before? Well that sucks for you because this was NOTHING like that, lol. We had a fantastic time and Mo is even smarter and funnier that she is over Blackberry IM. Plus, she’s gorgeous! I only slightly hate her for that. I hate her more for being at least 3 feet taller than me.

After sushi we drove around looking for a place for Mo to get her tattoo and finally settled on one after getting the run around. (Sundays are apparently not the best day to get a tattoo? lol) The plan was originally for us all to get one but when I heard how overpriced they were, I was out. (So Mo maybe when I get mine we’ll go to NYC or go to my place in DC?) Her tattoo turned out beautifully (the one on the left is the one she got, the flower was pre-existing) and I’m pretty sure there are plans to add to it and to get my next tattoo. Mo has pictures that I won’t allow her to post for various reasons up to and including the fact that the humidity was on mayhem that day and I looked a lot little like a chia pet (plus you know how I am with the pictures). But it was a fantastic day πŸ™‚

So, who’s next bloggers?

30 thoughts on “Check Up

  1. @nikki I’m actually in Houston but ATL is home. I’m there all the time. I’ll meet you! Resolutions blow. @V I’m just saying that’s how I feel. Candace IS a G. She acted a straight ass on that court and still only got a 1 game suspension, lol@Monie I’m going for my bday next year. Wanna come? And that’s not my fault! lol Retardation is in the eye of the beholder…or…something, lol@Epsi… yeah… about that…@X BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Right?!? lol


  2. La, I have one up on you. Wise lives in my city!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!I want to meet Jameil. I am pissed that I never got the chance to. I used to be in her city pretty frequently.


  3. I wanna go to N.O.And you know…I blame you. I thought I was crazy cause I knew I had read that you and Mo were gonna meet up and then nobody posted about it and I was like…am I retarded?Damn yall. LOL!


  4. Candace Parker is a G. I loved her when she played for Tennessee. Also, she just won an espy. LAMO@ “Celibacy is for dummies and people who can’t get laid. I am neither.”


  5. i’m just realizing you’re in atlanta, so now i’m thinking i have to add you to my list of bloggers to meet. most of the ones i want to meet are in the nyc area, too. i’m SO JEALOUS you’ve met sowise! i haven’t met her yet damnit!i can’t believe opinionated diva hasn’t met anyone yet! in fact, i’m surprised when i see there are bloggers out there who haven’t met at least ONE other blogger (unless they brand new).as for your resolutions, i say fucka that. resolutions are for folk who strive to improve themselves. i ain’t into that shit.


  6. @LadyLee I am surprised Diva hasn’t met anyone considering NYC clearly has the blogging game on LOCK. I love Candace Parker too. That girl is the truth. I guess I should prob give up on resolutions too. We see how well they work out, lol@Ms Behaving that’s just how I felt about that. Celibacy is not understandable to me, lol. I’ve about given up on the cursing. It’s just a part of who I am, lol.@Rashan I’m sorry… did you just call me ‘sport’?!? Veto. lol Paparazzi? I’m sorry. My publicist has cleared no pictures **covering my face with huge shades**@Diva now you know better to believe a word Rashan be sayin’. You KNOW he be lying! lol@Joy Why? My hair is very important to me. I am sharing the experience, lol@Amoreme I have done awful with ALL of them. It is my way **shrug**@Blah “my words are better” bwahahaha!!! Well I know this, I am moving to Maryland soon and Ima need to find out for myself if this statement is true or not. Preferably with drinks. Would it help if I said I know where Wise lives, rendering it pointless for you to isearch her? lol@Qucifer I LOVE your resolutions. I shall adopt them as my own. And why on earth would you wanna stop doing those other things? lol


  7. I gave up on almost all my resolutions except trying to keep the gym thing going, saving money and having more hot steamy sex…. which means:I still hate people more than animalsI still can’t stand most dudesI still cuss like a drunk sailor on a whore crawlI still eat sweets til my teeth cry uncleI still can’t stand my mom’s brand of rancidnessI still buy shoes like i got the outfits for ’em


  8. I’ve met about 25 bloggers.Fuck it..I ain’t meeting no more. I tell too much of my business..well..back on the old blog I told all my sex-capades…my current one is so mellowed out from that one. Either way…y’all ain’t need to put a face to my words…my words are better.Rashan stay busy meeting ppl…I see.Wise…yea ummm…WISE…eff you! We both lived in Harlem…never met. I move to Maryland in two weeks and I betcha…she gonna cut some corners and head down some back alley’s when I get there!!! Don’t make me isearch yo ass Wise!


  9. I never make resolutions because I always fail somehow. When I use to, I would only make one…and that would usually be to sop biting my nails. You have a lot! It seems like you’ve done well with them though. I love reading your blog πŸ™‚


  10. I’m here with Rashan on the paparazzi. I think I know a dude… Lol I’m mad you want me around only to document your hair.


  11. Shut it up Rashan…I do not be acting funny! Who’ve you been talking to?! *side eye*Helllloooo…I’ve only been blogging for a year. You were the one who ADVISED me that all bloggers were crazy anyway…so ha!


  12. Also, you and these mysteriously disappearing photos.. If we ever meet again, I’m gonna have a friend hide in the bushes and take paparazzi pictures of you! LMAO!


  13. Good job on those resolutions, sport!I got a co worker that is completely enamored with all things Candace Parker. He was all hyped over the fight. I met… a bunch of y’all. Got a few more I want to meet. Opinionated Diva is at the top of the list, but she be acting funny. Make sure you tell her I said that. LOL


  14. LMAO @ your thoughts on being celibate.I.HEAR.THAT!You might as well forget about resolution #3.Guuuuuurl….some things you just <>CAN’T<> help!Bloggers I’ve met…Hmmm…Lemme see…Well…<>Opinionated Diva<> and I knew one another before this whole blogger thang.Other than that, I’ve met CapCity, Organized Noise and Ms Lee [who are all on my blogroll *I think*]


  15. Okay, I got lost reading Opinionated Diva’s comment about not meeting any bloggers (WOW!). I’ve met a few that have passed through the ATL… And you’re right La, bloggers all over the NY area. I LOVE Candace Parker. We have the same last name. I claim her as a distant cousin. She got at that chick didn’t she!? Good. Maybe they will step back and not target her!Resolutions… I didn’t make any. I rarely keep them. And look at you. Go figure. Keep trying, La! LOL!!


  16. @Joy BWAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re so eloquent… and elegant! lol What I do with your camera? **innocent face** I kinda wish you were around today. My hair is really cute, lol@Diva how have you not met any bloggers?! I swear to god NYC is the blogging capital of the world, lol. About those resolutions though… *shrug* lol@X Wise IS cool. I bet you would love her. You’re closer to her than all these other bloggers; yall should meet up. It was a love tackle. And I was going for that smoky eye look that neither of us can seem to achieve despite our obsession with all things MAC (omg I am in loooove with that lipstick. Where have you been all my makeup wearing life?!?!) Bob is a catch… blueberry smoothies aside of course, lol@Weezy BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, HUSH. Did someone say party? I’m in for a couple bottles!


  17. *poo* I wanna meet Wise too. She seems soooooo cool. Ah well… Bygones.You did kinda tackle me, thereby causing some passersby to contemplate police involvement, but it’s all good- my black eye has healed. And Bob *swoon* what a catch πŸ™‚


  18. lmao @ Joy!I haven’t met any bloggers yet…soon though!I think you’re on track with your resolutions…except drinking and cursing and staying celibate and being less cryptic…and…wait a minute! I guess not! lol


  19. Fuck all that not cursing shit. I’m never letting you hold my camera ever again. Evil woman.I’ve only met Rashan post-blog. Spoken on the phone with stace…


  20. @Adei yeah. I rock! What happened to you meeting me and Joy when we were in Miami in April?@mia. I am generally not a violent person.Generally.But sometimes people test me, lol.I can count on 1 hand how many fights I have been in during my lifetime and I am not even close to needing hand 2. So please don’t think I am some ridiculous fighting hoodrat, lol. No need for tears! You can be my tour guide! lol@Muze I’m sure we could have a boring moment. If we were like, sleep or sober or something, lol. My resolutions are so easy to break. Hence why I all but shattered them all, lol. Slightly is still more! And there’s no way I am gonna stop cursing. That was forgotten about as soon as I typed it. The only way I have been able to travel is airline vouchers and miles saved up from 4 years of being in college away from home. Otherwise I’d be at the house.Omg my vocab too! I knew it was time to start back reading again when I said ‘conversate’ in conversation, lolYou can’t see me fighting? Aww. I wish I could see me thru your eyes, lolI think I will post some hair pics… if I can get it to do right, lolAs long as you don’t try to post no chia pet pics on your blog, you’re on! πŸ™‚@Jam DO IT!!! lol I don’t know Jade, Ace or kara. I dunno any of the cool kids 😦 lol Now you know me well enough to know there will be no photos of no kind (check fb, lol)Aww everyone wants to meet Wise. Good luck with that. She’s hard to track down.@Ms. Honey I know when strangers for a min but I hope you know, if anybody feels you I feel you on that. It sucks but look at it this way… the outcome could be SO worth it πŸ™‚@Jonzee no one you knew before counts (although if it did, my number would be much higher). I have no idea what one does when it’s gone because neither has vacated these premises, lol. Drink? Aww I am so jealous. I am woefully sober. But how ’bout I saw a bottle of that Tequilla we had a few weeks ago and literally backed away from the bottle like it was gonna bite me? lolI think that is the best part of celibacy… the rebirth, lol. I talk alot of shit but I was celibate for a very long time (2 years or so) but ohhh when I got shit back poppin’… lol


  21. You and Wise make two for me…does Ink count? (though I knew his punk tail before he was Ink)As for the cussing and drinking…what does one do when that is gone??? Booo! I’m going to drink right now. And Celibacy is stupid–but the two years I was made post celibacy sex THE SHIT!


  22. Hey are correct I do, it’s just strange to think that I have to change something that I’ve been so use to for this long…errrr I hate it.


  23. i’ma kick stace. i’ve met jade, ace and rashan. i talked to kara on the phone the other day and it was AWESOME!!! glad you and mo had fun!! i want photographic evidence!! lol. i can’t believe you even did a recap! craziness!!! i wanna meet wise!!! as for your resolutions… hmmm… lol.


  24. awww, seems like a grand ol are the one blogger that i can not fathom having a boring moment with. lol.your resolutions are, a) hilarious. and b) sooo easy to break! <>did<> blog slightly more. lol. all amazing reads though, so i’ll give you a pass.the cursing, fahgetaboutit. not happening. i don’t even know why that was on the list. lol.dayum @ you traveling so much. what do you do to afford it? i’ma need to do it too… i’ve been reading more as well. that was a definite plus. my vocabulary had shrank down to that of a fourth, maybe fifth grade level, so glad i got back on track. fighting? can’t see it. should post a pic of your hair. i’ve been growing mine out too, but i only press it once every six months or so to check progress.and NO! don’t perm it!!hope all is well chica.whenever i visit whatever city you’re in, we’ll have to hang out. and i promise, no chia pet pics. lol.


  25. First off, I’m mad that one of your resolutions was to not get in any fights. How many do you get in?Secondly, don’t come to my beloved City of Angels without making a date with me or I’ll… I’ll…I’ll cry or something!!!


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