Two Weeks

"Hey, it's me.""Hey you! How are ya these days? You still steady keepin' on?""Fair to middlin'.""That sounds not good.""You know how that goes.""Oh my yes. I been around for enough verses to know that chorus by heart. I hear ya over there. What are you drinking?""Goose."He makes a sound of displeasure as I open the … Continue reading Two Weeks

This is me juggling...And this is what happens when I juggle many things, as I am trying to do right now...*sigh*My first instinct of course is to shut out everything and everyone, handle up and get things done. The issue is of course, this often takes a bit of time and by the time I … Continue reading


Hey everybody!*waiting*GODDAMMIT I SAID HELLO!!!!That's more like it.Hi kiddies! Sorry I just disappeared, no posting or commenting or notice or NOTHIN'. I know I said I would be better with that but... sometimes I be lyin'.I was outta town, trying to simultaneously do some grown woman things and not get alcohol poisoning because that is … Continue reading Oops


I spent a year in the mouth of a whaleWith a flame and a book of signsYou'll never know how hard I've failedTryin' to make up for lost timeBy all accounts, I have always been a daddy's girl, though I'm sorry to say I maintain a safe difference from both people whom comprise my genetic … Continue reading Riverwide

Things Being Affected by Inflation that I WILL NOT Stand For

Continuing in this week's tradition... find list #1 here and list #2 here.And today's offering...Things Being Affected by Inflation that I WILL NOT Stand ForForget gas prices. These are the important things severely compromising my way of life.1. Chipotle Burrito BowlsAnyone that knows me knows I love me some Chipotle. I could literally eat it … Continue reading Things Being Affected by Inflation that I WILL NOT Stand For

Shameless Plug

Aww someone nominated me for a Black Weblog Award! I am so flattered. I dunno who Gables is, cuz it doesn't link to a blog profile or anything, but thank you so much!And now that all that humble foolishness is outta the way...I wanna win!So vote for me, k? lolGo here...And nominate me for Best … Continue reading Shameless Plug

Things you Should get Fired…but Don’t if you Work at The Company

In keeping with this week's theme I present to you...Things that Should get you Fired... but Don't if you Work for The CompanyBecause I come from a long line of they-can-do-that-but-you-can't-cux-you're-black-and-different-rules-apply rhetoric, there are certain things I won't do with my co-workers, let alone at work. But there are many things that my co-workers will … Continue reading Things you Should get Fired…but Don’t if you Work at The Company

In Due Time

A few years back, less than a touchdown but more than a conversion, when I threw my hands up at all manner of church services and stopped attending all together, a particularly judgemental zealot with whom I have since lost touch asked me rather matter of factly, "You can't seriously expect God to continue to … Continue reading In Due Time