Shameless Plug

Aww someone nominated me for a Black Weblog Award! I am so flattered. I dunno who Gables is, cuz it doesn’t link to a blog profile or anything, but thank you so much!

And now that all that humble foolishness is outta the way…

I wanna win!

So vote for me, k? lol

Go here…

And nominate me for Best Writing. And make other people nominate me. And then make all those people nominate me. And so on and so forth.

In the meantime, I’m gonna have a little mini nervous breakdown over here in the corner about whether or not I am good enough to actually win, k? lol

Thanks everybody!!!!

~ Management

p.s. There’s a post down there, by the way, lol

13 thoughts on “Shameless Plug

  1. D*mn. Somebody beat me to it. I made my nominations list right after nominations opened… and you’re on my list.If you weren’t nominated for the “Best Personal Blog” category yet… you can expect that to come…Lovin the “La” Blog,Hawa


  2. Is there a minimum post requirement? LOL – I’m kidding, you know how I feel about your writing. Umm, lets not do the begging for votes thing that some less dignified bloggers do. I’ll be monitoring you to make sure you are in compliance. LMAO!


  3. Woooooo whoooooooo…what an honor. I’ll definitely vote for ya! Tried doing this just now, but their system gave me an error message indicating I voted already…which is impossible. I’m thinking someone from the same company already voted for you.I’ll try again when I’m home.Keeping my fingers crossed!


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