Things Being Affected by Inflation that I WILL NOT Stand For

Continuing in this week’s tradition… find list #1 here and list #2 here.

And today’s offering…

Things Being Affected by Inflation that I WILL NOT Stand For

Forget gas prices. These are the important things severely compromising my way of life.

1. Chipotle Burrito Bowls
Anyone that knows me knows I love me some Chipotle. I could literally eat it everyday if it weren’t pretty much guaranteed that I would be on Maury getting cut out of my house right after it was determined that the twins WERE in fact TayQwan’s. (I’m just playin‘. Yall know I ain’t having no babies.) But real talk, I recognize gas prices are high and everything, but be not deceived Saint Guadalupe of the Chipotle*, you WILL NOT play me on the black beans and meat and give me a bowl of white rice that’s going to stick right to my ass despite regular Pilates. Now serve my shit right before I jump over the salsas and hurt yo

2. Orange Juice
Can anyone explain to me my OJ is $15 a gallon? PLEASE?!?! Wtf? This ain’t even like gas that we have to import. The oranges are right here in the good ol‘ US of Asses. I am even right smack in the middle of the two biggest states that produce OJ (Florida and Cali). Why on EARTH is juice more than a fill in?!

3. Weave.
Granted, it’s been a minute since I actually wore some weave in my head since most days it does good to be clean, let alone styled, but I’m saying. A pack of wet and wavy SHOULD NOT cost my girl $80.

4. Organic Food
Granted, buying organic always was alot more expensive but it has never been this bad. Why is Whole Foods charging a cover just to get in that hoe? And why did I get some organic okra the other day that was like $10? It’s OKRA, yo. Do anybody even eat that shit but me? lol

5. Cable.
I haven’t had cable in quite some time and it has been the bane of my existence. How on earth do you expect me to live without Kimora and Niecey universe?! But alas, I have had some solace in the fact that I have an extensive collection of dvds as well as I can get my tv to still pick up ABC on Thursdays so I can see Grey’s. But now you mean to tell me that unless I get cable essentially once you convert to a digital signal that’s it for me? I am stuck trying to huddle over my computer at work and watch my Grey’s Anatomy on the clock? No sir. I will not stand for it. The revolution better be televised goddammit!

That is all. I am simply too sad to go on. I know you have a few though. What are the other ways that inflation is fucking up the floacism of your life?

And tomorrow’s list…

More Ways I Know You’re Gay

the sequel to this list.

30 thoughts on “Things Being Affected by Inflation that I WILL NOT Stand For

  1. Infant Joy (1)‘I have no name; I am but two days old. What shall I call thee? ‘I happy am, Joy is my name.Sweet joy befall thee! (2)Pretty Joy! Sweet Joy, but two days old. Sweet Joy I call thee: Thou dost smile, I sing the while, Sweet joy befall thee! —–by < HREF="" REL="nofollow">maple story accounts<>


  2. Fried okra is also good mixed in with mashed potatoes and gravy.Yummmmmmmm!But yeah…EVERYTHING is expensive. Boxes of cereal were already too much but now it’s like $25 for the off brands. Packs of gum are like $1.19! Weren’t they just 25 cents a month ago?!


  3. @Ms Behaving There is a pasture about a mile from my house. If I can google the pasturizing process I am IN for making my own milk, lol@Southern Gal OMG the GRAPES!! Wtf?!? Here they’re like $5 a pound. And they always look like they are exactly 2 days and 7 hours from dying. BOO!@Slish I have NO idea. It’s so wrong. Now it’s gotten to the point where I am scared to have cable because I am afraid I will never again be able to live a productive life, lol@68 hahahaha @ the DIY weave. Cheese is killing me. You think that’s bad, try having to buy soy cheese if you’re semi lactose intolerent like me. It’s like paying for an oil change, lol@ a go bytch That just made me hungry as hell, lol@Cherry’s Kid BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ this whole comment. And yes about the NARS lipgloss!!! I wear Orgasm (of course) and I have been scraping the sides since forever because I refuse to drop $35 on what used to be a $25 purchase. Especially cuz that little tube ain’t gotten no bigger. And don’t EVEN get me started on my mineral powder and hair products.@Diva it’s not slimy if you fry it! lol@Mr. Jones Now you know those are the most important things. And condoms, lol. The moment inflation hit’s Bacardi I’m an expatriot, lol@Rashan don’t cut off HBO! You need it! lol Water has gotten ridiculous here too. I can’t even bare to recall what I just paid for a 24 pack of bottled water, lol


  4. I’m bout to cut HBO off, but I can’t live without the cable internet. I’m too impatient for dial up. Juice is crazy expensive, but I just started drinking more water.


  5. LOL @ this post and this line, “The revolution better be televised goddammit!” LMAO!!!Cable is the biggest thief of them all!!! I don’t know how you live without it. I keep threatening to turn that bitch off…but I never do. Okrah? Organic or not…gets a side eye. It be slimey yo! ewwwwwwwww lol!


  6. Weave prices went up last month girl…I was so fucking mad!!! My 16 Inch #2-4, cause my hair has natural color variations of brown, wet and wavy went from fucking 35.99 to fucking 55.99 and that’s just the shit for my ponytail that’s not the brand I use for my sew in!!!! I usually get 2 packs cause I like big hair now I’m walking around with a skimpy ass ponytail on one pack cause I can’t afford 2!!!! I hate inflation….and I did notice my burrito bowl with the fajitas went from 11.00 to 13.00! And my fucking Nars Lip gloss and has gone up at Lord and Taylors from 26.00 to 35.00 my designer days are slowly coming to an end unless La can hook me up with Bob’s cousin TayQuan or Tazmir? LMAO!!!!!!


  7. Chris I’m so glad you got the answer..okay Okra is not only a veggie…It’s a veggie that you cook with stewed tomatoes, shrimp, sausage over a steamed bed of rice? Sound a little better sweetie?Its the bomb…when it’s cooked right.


  8. DANG!!! $80 bucks for some prosthetic hair? I ain’t never put in weave that cost more than $20!!!(yeah you heard right… The wife is DIY so I learned…)LMAO @ the cover for Whole Foods!!!You know you can get a converter box for your ancient TV! (gotta get my satellite TV back though….)LMAO @ X Factor! You had the damn nerve to do that too? I was wowed when they told me that!And I believe the price of dick is the same. But the transportation costs of delivering it to you and the price of keeping it on the safe side have increased a bit!I been drinking Rolling Rock for a few years now and don’t sweat the cost of Heineken.Now I almost fell the hell over dead at Kraft shredded cheese going for $4.19 for an 8-ounce bag!! The fact that they were buy two get one free didn’t make me feel any better!


  9. Along with what you and everybody says, I think the cost of milk is entirely too high…I mean c’mon…over $4.00 for a damn gallon [these days]?!?!?!GTFOH!!!


  10. @V aww I can’t relate cuz I don’t drink beer but YEAH! *shaking my fist* lol@Q I dunno if the price of dick has gone up but have you SEEN how much condoms are now? I used to be able to at least go buy a box of magnums for under $5. Now? Notsomuch.@a go Bytch Hey girlie! Welcome to the crib. Wtf is up with tampons costing more than a hysterectomy? I am THIS CLOSE I’m trying to let you know. Luckily, I am close enough to Louisianna to still get boudin balls for the cheap, but only cuz the places I go for them are holes in the wall, lol@Chris hahaha! Okra is a veggie. And everything in nyc is dumb expensive to begin with and then you wanna add inflation on top of that? No ma’am and no sir.@X bwahahahaha! you and that damn sweet tea. What if that jack up the price of the southern chicken sandwhich, aka a cheap rip off of Chick Fil A? Oh no!@Joy “Do you know I used to pick them bitches offa trees as a child?” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You are quickly becoming quite sick with the one liners. No that is NOT Bob’s middle name… but NOW it is, lol@Ladylee girl you set something off up in here with the rice, lol. For as nasty as Ramen is, they oughta be paying you to take it outta the store.@adei I can so picture your mom all kinds of upset at rice, lol@nikki GIRL! I am all fucked up on the meat cuz I don’t too tough eat beef or pork. If I can even FIND ground turkey, why is that shit like $5? And don’t let me want some chicken breasts. Jesus. I have to give blood at the check out just to take it out the door. Boo.@Jonzee I busted out laughing this morning when I read the headline “Why you are Getting Less Doritos in your Bag but Paying More”. I gotta email it to you.


  11. Yo, even the shitty food you should never eat if you want to live to see 50 has gone up…I have a penchant for doritos–it is the bane of my new “gym it till you drop” routine–$2.69 now $3.19. Thank the Bush baby and those gazillion muufuucas in China for this.


  12. why do i have to take out a loan to buy rice? rice used to be so cheap! i used to buy the ten pound bag for a few bucks. now i gotta decide if i want rice or gas for my car.why am i forced to give blow jobs to the local grocer in order to afford meat in my house? and it ain’t even the expensive shit, it’s the ground chuck with all the tendons and by-products in it.i feel you on the no cable. i haven’t had it in almost a month and that includes the local channels. i’ve actually had to start reading for entertainment. reading…for entertainment…in the 21st century? that shit ain’t right.


  13. y mom is still upset rice has gone up… African ass. yo, why did a chinese restaurant give me waaaaaay more meat/veggies than rice though?? sooo not used to that!!Juice has gone up like a futhermucker. I remember when them minute maid joints (berry, tropical, fruit punch) were 3/$2.00. 3 for 5 now. that like, an over 100% increase!


  14. I’m with Joy. Cherries are too high. The $6/lb cherries ALMOST make me just want to go and live off of bootleg ramen noodles (and you know they have increased from the 10 cents a pack, lol).I hate the fact that rice prices MORE than doubled in these parts. Goodness.


  15. $6/lb for cherries. Do you know I used to pick them bitches offa trees as a child?I think someone tried to charge me for a pack of pepper. Bitch!TayQuan… Is that Bob’s middle name?


  16. 2. Bwaaaahahahahahahaha!!! Why is juice more than a fill in? BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!3. And you know this, MAN!!! My weave prices are ASTRONOMICAL.4. No ma’am, you are NOT, in fact, the only one who eats okra. However, you might be the only balla who can buy that shit organic.5. **drool** Kimora… **drool** Sorry, I’m back.My take on inflation that I simply will NOT tolerate? The motherfuckin $1.00 sweet tea at McDonalds that jumps to $1.79 if you dare to ask them to serve it to you with light ice. THE FUCK? I’m sorry, kind sir… did you just charge me an extra $0.79 for the other 15 ounces of sweet tea that I am supposesd to be paying $1.00 for? MA’AM.


  17. ok so i just finished reading the rest of the list (LOL!) and yeah, OJ is expensive as shit….i been trying to do rations and make it last till saturday (i doubt it will). Organic is crazy! Why is there only Whole Foods up here?! I stopped buyin groceries 2 weeks ago (eat take out every night…again with the rations…it’s really left over lunch). And what the hell is okra? is that fish? EW! if not…still ew! it sounds nasty lol aaaaand i’m done lol


  18. AlsoPasta Making stuff (FOR FUCK’S SAKE PASTA!!!!)And Dick (who wants to drive to their hook ups with these prices??)The gym (That’s the excuse I’m using at least)


  19. Yo, Heineken’s have gone through the ROOF!!A 12-pack used to cost like $11.99, now even at the big liquor emporiums it’s like $15.99 and if you buy them at a grocery store, it’s around like $17.I’m tired of this foolishness!!!🙂


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