My Eyes are Green

"I just feel like I'm so behind!""Behind?" I ask."Well, like, so many of my friends are getting married and having kids and finding fabulous apartments or they're dating and travelling, and I just feel like I'm...not.""So, what? Just because they're doing it doesn't mean you need to be. Besides how are you behind? You're only … Continue reading My Eyes are Green

I'm alive. I'll be back when I can get some power or at least a steady cell signal. (My poor BB is on the bullshit right now.) How cruel is it that after 2 years of going without cable, I finally get it for a few hours only for it to be wiped out by … Continue reading

Mean Girls

You know how when you were younger, your parents told you if you don't have anything nice to say not to say anything at all? Or treat others how you wanna be treated? And all that other yadda yadda bullshit?As a semi-adult in the beginnings of trading my training bras for La Perla (that's a … Continue reading Mean Girls