It's raining out, the landscape washed in varying gray tones, falling from dense clouds in heavy sheets. Black clad figures are weaving through the gray place markers that represent life, interupted. They tip gingerly over moistened ground, trying to avoid the inevitable tide of sepia mud that rises over the edges of their shoes. Standing … Continue reading

Political Porn

Do you have any more questions as to why I am crazy about this man? The best part..."I don't know anyone who believes that except for the far Right."**blank stare***SWOON!*Oh, Joey...


It starts with Red.Just a little, around the edges, slightly pink, rather than the entire Red saturation that is sure to come.Maybe you shake just a bit, your extremeties antithetic to your usual smooth movements, each fraction of your greater whole shuddering and shaking, your whole shit just disjointed.Your breathing changes, the rhythmic steady inhalation … Continue reading This.


Lookit!!!!Muze, one of my favs despite the fact that she refuses to IM me (I started this a min ago Muze, lol), nominated me for an honest blogger award. (She also keeps a second blog here. Go harass her about updating regularly, k? lol) And so did nikki! I feel all special. The rules go … Continue reading Shucks

Binge and Purge

I am a firm believer in the emotional purge. You know, where after you break up/cut off a friend/start a new job, you erase any and all evidence that said boyfriend/friend/position ever existed. Gone are the pictures and the emails save in that special folder (I know I ain't the only one that has one … Continue reading Binge and Purge