Sure, if ‘Barracuda’ is Alaskan for ‘Goldfish’


I was almost not gonna post about the debate. I made it through the most of the initial minutes of the debate with my blood pressure almost in tact (and you know black folks don’t play about their sugar) and I had already decided that I would go ahead and do the Honest Blogger thing that I’ve been nominated for. And I am sure that if you read this you have a pretty clear understanding of how I feel about Sarah Plain and Tall. I was SO close to not saying anything disparaging about her on the blog (I may or may not have called her bringing Beau Biden into her criticism of Obama and Biden ‘shameful, disgusting, and a putrid carcass of dying Republican strategy’). As far as her performance goes, let’s be honest; just short of bursting into tears and running off stage to curl up in the fetal position in the wings, there wasn’t much she could do to fuck it up. And fuck up she did not. She was every bit the likeable, folksy redneck her future son-in-law is proud to be.

But I will say this…

As a woman, who may or may not take great pleasure in referring to her (brass iron) balls, and willing to put them on the table next to any man, it is positively INFURIATING to watch Palin be condescending and snarky in a way that Joe Biden could not be. I almost, almost wanted him to, well, be Joe Biden and all but send her back to Alaska to debate in the PTA she loves so much. But for her to be so damn sarcastic, and really just outright rude and low in some of her comments, and for him not to be able to say a word in retort, is enough to set women back quite a few decades.


Because I am not a delicate fucking flower. I don’t need to be handled with kid gloves because I am a woman. I don’t need some guy to have special coaches to teach him how to best talk to me so he won’t hurt my feelings just because I have a uterus.


Because I have balls.
And Sarah Palin does not.

To that end, I was happy that Sarah Palin didn’t make everyone woman with half a brain cringe as she pretended she was even remotely close to answering the questions being asked. I even laughed out loud when she winked at the camera, a childish, flirty move, the likes of which I don’t think I would ever see out of any woman who wanted to be taken seriously in any arena, much less a political one. (Granted, I was laughing AT her but still…)

Oh and Sarah? Defense of your candidate isn’t exclaiming, “Well Barack did it too!” If you have a rebuttal, the rebut. (Actually, for that matter, the same goes for the other 3 people on the ticket as well. Take note Biden.) If not, talk about energy some more. Or we’ll pretend you just mispronounced General McKiernan (multiple times) not that you just didn’t really know his name despite the flashcard tests you’ve been given. We’ll even pretend that you are answering some semblance of the question you were asked. But please, for the love of God, if you don’t have a proper rebuttal other than taunts of, “He did it too!” and running away from the big bad Biden bully on the playground, do us all a favor and treat us to one of your trademarked bewildered silences, and shut the hell up.

And Katie Couric, the happiest woman in the world, annoyed you by asking you questions she asked all the other candidates?


And as a note…

I am so in heart with Joe Biden.

Sure, he’s 62, white, and very married but still. Look at this!

Do you see that smile? *swoon*

I am quite well known for my love of all people who have a difficult time being politically correct, as I sense in them a kindred spirit. And seeing as how I am physically incapable of holding my tongue, I am not parts of politically correct, and I tend to be quite long winded, don’t you see how this is a perfect match? lol

If I wasn’t already pretty sure that I was going to vote for Obama, his appointment of Joe Biden would have cemented it for me. I adore the fact that he isn’t afraid to disagree with his boss, that he is obviously highly intelligent, and moreover, and that he is known for verbal gaffes. What more could you ask for in a VP?

Anything but lipstick.

P.S. I don’t have any children, so I can’t imagine what it would be like to be faced with the possibility of losing them. Moreover, I don’t know what it’s like to lose a baby before you even get to know them, or a spouse far before you intended to. So for all those who think that Biden faked getting choked up at the thought of almost losing his entire family, you make me absolutely sick. And you should be ashamed of yourself.

I imagine that no parent ever forgets how close they came to losing their child. And that’s a hell of alot more genuine than espousing your similarities to a pitbull or a six pack.

16 thoughts on “Sure, if ‘Barracuda’ is Alaskan for ‘Goldfish’

  1. yeah i’m sooooo done with palin.i swear i wish i could press fast-forward and put her out of her misery.i bet katie couric could name a newspaper SHE little neice could be the effing vp candidate if this is the bar.


  2. ::sigh::I never pretended to be fair and balanced re: politics at my blog because I simply despise the McCain/Palin ticket. But she’s such an over-the-top (read: under-the-gutter-bottom) bad choice, I simply short-circuited and had to stop writing. I thank bloggers like you who give me the tidbits to keep up.By the way, Nikki also nominated me for the Honest Weblog. I finished my “homework” today. You can see it < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<>. <>And I’m waiting for yours, La, ’cause I KNOW it’s gonna be good.<> hehe


  3. You know that to counter her incessant winking, the Pubs are saying that Biden had botox injected into his forehead. Real talk. McCain is ruining his political reputation in this loss.


  4. Joe Biden kept his anger in check even when Palin was acting a fool. That was what I really wanted to see. I wanted to see if Biden could keep it together. He did a good job.


  5. i am so glad you’re commenting on the debate. i think we’re all in the same boat in trying not to write about the debates and I am soooo glad you are. if i did it… i’d never sto, i’d robably lose a friend (actually, no i won’t) i’d sound really foolish cause real talk, i’d resort to cursing.all that winking? let hillary do that and see what would’ve haened. i can’t stand that eole are falling for the feminine wiles and MEDIOCRITY! so she didn’t sound AS dumb as she has in the ast… now all of a sudden she’s a barracuda? she did an outstanding job?! yeah, if winking and not answering questions constitute a debate. i hate dumb ass chicks who set us back. and i know hills is just looking and shaking her head…AND WHO SAID BIDEN FAKED CHOKING U?!!?!?!?see. i need to go now.“I’m not going to talk about the causes…” *smh* i’m getting off for real now.


  6. That debate was a joke and any feminist that is still voting for McCain just because a woman is his running mate deserves whatever foolishness this potential administration could come up with…but they probably won’t win.As for Joe, you know I gotta shout out my home-state senator. For 35 years, Joe would take the train from the Amtrak Station in Wilmington to Washington, DC EVERY DAY. While waiting on his train, he’d converse with anybody, from the older brother who shines shoes, to the white girls working at the coffee shop to pay their tuition at the University of Delaware. Joe Biden is truly, TRULY good people. And he did well Thursday night, because you could tell he wanted to say “bitch please” AT LEAST three times, LOL


  7. I just want this election to be over… I feel like I’m being duped, and it is a bad feeling.Biden did a great job. I would’ve like to have seen an uncoached Sarah out there… hmmm.


  8. girl don’t let this upset your nerves… politics aren’t what they use to be…now it’s just a show. I wouldn’t be surprised if the winner gets their own reality show.Go B.


  9. I’m watching the debates today. For some reason I feel like I’m not gonna be able to watch the whole thing. I could very well vomit.


  10. Very well said..glad you said it because I don’t have the energy to discuss Sarah Palin anymore.What kinds of questions does she expect? No, I’m not interested in why you think foriegn policy has to do with the close proximity btw Alaska and Russia or your contribution to preserving the moose population. Dimwit.


  11. I wanted to slap her when she started with the folksy crap, I lost my ever loving shit with the wink…. this isn’t Miss Fucking America!, moreover the clueless tactless bitch (his wife’s reward is in heaven???? Word Bitch?? why try that??)besides being coached to the point of incongruously answering with things that had NOTHING to do with the topic, mispronouncing Israel and Ahmadinejad (in the same EXACT way that McCain does) and basically sucking ass was going to make me lose my mind with the maverick crapLoves how she couldn’t even grasp or answer the concept of Achille’s heelloves even more that after JUST hearing Biden express how dangerously power hungry and abusive Cheney was, and hearing the crowd’s reaction she still densely acted like: um, i could have more power… uh..yeahBiden was, simply glorious, is a shame everyone was too busy breathing out a sigh of relief that Palin was in fact breathing walking and chewing gum at the same time, to notice this was his best ever, he was concise and yeah so sad in that little part there… this man has my respect for the fact he always tried to be at home with his kid


  12. It’s not even the fact that she mispronounced General McKiernan’s name… it’s the fact that she kept saying General MCCLELLAN — who commanded the Union troops in the <>effing Civil War<>.Seriously. Did Johnny Mac write those notes?I, honestly, couldn’t draw the strength to blog about the debate, because the three people that read my blog are more than smart enough to become enraged at the same things that enraged me. (The chick was asked a question about bankruptcy law and responded, “I want to go back to energy.” I left my fucking house. Like, literally walked out the door.) The SCARY part is all that, “Oh, I don’t really know, I haven’t been here for a long time, say it ain’t so and <>darn right!<>” is actually working with some people.In about a month, we’ll find out whether America is smarter than we give it credit for, or dumb as a box of wingnuts.God, I pray it’s the former.


  13. Oh my effin’ GOD!! I had read some put downs of Joe Biden, but I am glad I missed the one saying he faked the choking up!!I want to choke this person almost as bad as I wanted to choke a co-worker during the debate!!


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